Disneyland Halloween Time

Disneyland Halloween Time with Little Kids

A few readers have emailed and asked if Disneyland Halloween Time is too scary for little kids. I understand the concern: I’ve been to a lot of theme parks and they tend to get a little creepy this time of year! Some go all out with zombies and scare houses. Disneyland Halloween Time is totally different, and it’s actually one of our favorite times of year to go.


Dress like Lloyd from The LEGO NINJAGO Movie for Halloween

Nate and the boys were invited by Warner Bros. Pictures to go to the Legoland press junket for The LEGO NINJAGO Movie last week. I was up in San Francisco helping my sister move to her new apartment (more on that later) but I had so much fun ogling all their pictures from afar. They got to play around with some Master Builders and meet actors like Dave Franco, Justin Theroux and Michael Peña.