Incredibles 2 Costumes and Our Unconventional Roles

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We were invited to the media premiere of Incredibles 2 last weekend, which naturally called for some epic Incredibles 2 costumes (you know we love coming up with creative family Disneybounding outfits). I left the toddler and baby back home with Nate since they don't do too well in theaters yet, which meant that I had to get creative with the characters that the big boys and I channeled. It also meant that this film hit home for me in more ways than one.

Edna Mode, Frozone and Screenslaver

Without further ado, I present Edna Mode, Frozone and Screenslaver.

Mr. Incredible, Jack-Jack and Dash

Back at home, we had Mr. Incredible, Jack-Jack and a rather uncooperative Dash.

Incredibles 2 at El Capitan

In the movie, Mrs. Incredible (or “Elastigirl”) sets off to deal with some work issues, leaving Mr. Incredible back to deal with the kids and home stuff. He finds himself trying to cook, clean, and juggle schoolwork. It's awkward and messy and hilarious – somehow all in a graceful style that every parent can relate to. We've all been there, finding ourselves trying to fill shoes that we feel unqualified for. Mr. Incredible initially thinks that keeping a house will be nothing compared to his usual role of…oh, you know…saving the entire universe, but he quickly finds himself with an out-of-control baby and piles of laundry and a WHOLE bunch of other stuff he was never trained for.

Incredibles 2 Jack-Jack costume

Hah. Hah. Hahahahaha.

Incredibles 2 Disneybounding

Elastigirl is fairly oblivious to the situation since she's a little overwhelmed with the latest bad guy, Screenslaver. Thankfully, Mr. Incredible has a pretty rad crew of pals to help him out.

Frozone kids costume and REVOLT sign

I must say, this all seems like a pretty uncanny art-imitating-life situation for a lot of us working parents who are in the midst of shaking up stereotypical norms. Nate and I certainly couldn't do it without a ton of support from friends and family. In fact, his brother stepped up to work as photographer for us on this shoot (a role normally filled by Nate).

Incredibles 2 Screenslaver costume

I'd say it worked out pretty well. The kids had a blast, we got the work done, and I actually got in some much-needed bonding time with the brother-in-law. Everybody wins.

Incredibles 2 and Clorox

Oh, and I came home to a clean home. Seriously. I'm pretty convinced that Nate does have actual superpowers at this point, the way he's been holding everything together lately while work and life have been getting on top of me more than usual. Having a handy sidekick like Clorox also helps by easing daily cleaning and laundry tasks so we can both spend more quality time with the family. With the house all cleaned up, Nate and I were able to kick back and enjoy each other’s company at home after we got back. The boys wanted us to re-watch the first Incredibles movie together to round out the night.

Perhaps we should do this whole “divide and conquer” thing more often.

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