Family Costumes

DIY Peter Pan Family Costumes that are Cute and Cheap

Our family likes travel and movies and we LOVE Disney, so we were stoked that our Disney Cruise Line trip gave us the perfect opportunity to marry that all together! Disneybounding is one of our favorite pastimes, and we decided to channel some fun silver screen characters for pirate night. There was a little sneak peek of our outfits in our post about what to pack, and now we’re laying out all the details for these Peter Pan family costumes.

Incredibles 2 Costumes and Our Unconventional Roles

We were invited to the media premiere of Incredibles 2 last weekend, which naturally called for some epic Incredibles 2 costumes (you know we love coming up with creative family Disneybounding outfits). I left the toddler and baby back home with Nate since they don’t do too well in theaters yet, which meant that I had to get creative with the characters that the big boys and I channeled. It also meant that this film hit home for me in more ways than one.

Aulani tips

11 Aulani Tips for an Incredible Hawaiian Vacation

The boys have had a Hawaiian calendar up in their room for the last year, a gift from a friend of mine who lives in the islands. Several times over the last few months, Sidekick has pointed to one of the streaming waterfalls or sandy beaches in the photos and asked if we can visit. “One day,” I promised, “I’ll take you to Aulani and you can see ALL the special things about where I grew up.”