Juice Box Craft: Mini Baseball Caps

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Isn't this juice box craft adorable? Imagine a party with these little baseball caps set out all over the place as decorations. Or you could even host a party wherein you coax a bunch of kids to drink all the juice from the juice boxes and then make their own mini baseball caps. Sustenance AND an entertaining craft all in one. Everybody wins!

so adorable - make miniature baseball hats out of juice boxes

A little back story: poor Some Boy has not been feeling good. He's been teething up a storm (all that drool is a result of his molars coming in) AND he's had an ear infection. He loves the furry little characters from Monsters, Inc. and has been excited to see them all over the place lately with the release of Monsters University.


I picked up some of his favorite snacks and character gear because he was being such a trooper in spite of feeling so crappy.

An Easy Juice Box Craft

You'll need:
Fruit juice boxes
Glue stick
Spray paint
Clear spray gloss

juice box craft

I've been having Some Boy drink these Juicy Juice Fruitifuls while he's been sick because he loves them and they keep him hydrated. Nate and I usually drink Gatorade when we're sick, but this option is way more kid-friendly.

juice box craft

I measured a line all the way around the box 1 1/4″ down from the top with a 1 1/4″ flap for the bill of the hat.

juice box craft

Cut all the way around the line to separate the hat shape from the rest of the box.

juice box craft mini baseball hats

Do you see where we're going with this? Please tell me that you see where we're going with this.

mini baseball bill

Round the edges of the bill with your scissors.

spray painting

Spray paint your little juice box craft hat whatever color you'd like it to be. I'm not a huge sports fan (except for college football) and I admittedly know NOTHING about baseball, but I'm willing to bet that the color you pick will be related to your favorite sports team. That's how it works, right?


monsters university

I did a Google search for the Monsters University logo and pasted it into a Word doc in various sizes, printing and cutting out the size that looked like it would fit best on the hat. I'd serve that up for you in a PDF, but I have a feeling that Disney's trademark lawyers wouldn't appreciate it very much. A quick search will point you right to what you need! If Monsters University isn't your jam, you could even search for your favorite team logo to stick on there. These would be so perfect for a kids birthday party or a barbecue.

Monsters University craft

A little bit of glue and a coat of clear spray gloss, and my hat was good to go!

mini juice box craft hats

I went ahead and rolled the corners of the hat against a table so they were round like a real baseball cap.

Mike Wazowski

Mike Wazowski seemed to appreciate the effort. I asked him what he thought and he said, “What can I say? The camera loves me!”

Do you have any favorite juice box crafts?


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15 thoughts on “Juice Box Craft: Mini Baseball Caps”

  1. What a great idea!! I bet your son loved it I hope he feels better soon. Thanks for sharing!

  2. very cute idea–hope all his teeth come in without too much more fuss! thanks for sharing

  3. Are you kidding me!! Guurrrll…. you are the crafty one!! I saw this go by in my FB stream yesterday and had to come check it out! We went to the Monsters U pre-screening on Tuesday and I so wish I would have known how to do this before hand!! The small fry and his buds would have LOVED this juice box craft before we went!

  4. I am totally impressed that you made that from a juice box!! We are getting ready for the movie too; we made a “house” out of a shoebox for my son’s Mike toy. Kids love monsters, don’t they?!

  5. Chelsea, your post is adorable!! I am so impressed! I can’t believe you made those precious hats out of juice boxes. Awesome job!

  6. I’ve done some juice box crafting. I loved the movie Sammie & I took her niece to see Monsters U & loved it. Come link your post up if you like . Hope your summer is good! & Poor guy teething is rough.

  7. That is one crafty baseball cap. I’m going to make it for my little nephew. Thanks so much for the photo instructions, it seems easier to make than I thought!

  8. I’m dying over the little caps. I’m convinced electronics hate me. I’ve owned 3 printers in the past 3 years and they all die. I can never make cute crafts, therefore I cannot aspire to be as awesome as you are. And HOLY drool! He’s like a St. Bernard! 🙂

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