Little Boy Hair, Demystified

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Having four boys born in five years, I field a lot of questions about little boy hair. How do we wash it? How do we style it? How do we deal with haircuts?

Little boy hair pomades

I'm going to let you all in on a secret. When it comes to little boy hair, there is no “one size fits all.” We have four boys, and as far as I can tell, we have four different types of little boy hair. Four different ways of styling it. We all use the same shampoo, which probably is not ideal given the huge variations in cut and style and texture that we have here, but I'm lazy. It works for us. Speaking of laziness, I don't actually put much effort into styling my boys' hair. They do it themselves. I simply provide the product and some instruction, and we're off to the races! Here's what that looks like for each kid.

The Products we use for our Little Boy Hair

Axe messy look flexible paste

We've tried a ton of different pomades, clays, putties, pastes and creams over the years. What works best for us are these little tins from AXE. They have lots of variations in different scents and styles, and our three boys actually landed on their favorites with minimal input from me. I love that the tins stack easily in their medicine cabinet, and the boys know how to open the lid and get a tiny bit of “goop,” as they call it. No need to fuss with squirt tubes, which require some manual dexterity. That level of coordination doesn't always develop in a linear fashion.

We already shop at CVS for personal care stuff, so these are easy to pick up when we're out running errands or just buy online.

Wild child hair

Wild Child Style

Ah, the middle kid. This dude is the sort who sneaks up on you a bit, and his hair reflects his personality. He is oh-so-stylish, funny and charming with a spunky side that pops up out of the blue. He loves rollercoasters and Linkin Park. He's the one who initially asked me how he could get “spikes” in his hair. Here's your answer, kid: AXE Whatever Messy Look Paste. We rub a fingertip amount in our palms, mush it into his hair, and let him go crazy pushing it up, down, or whatever way he chooses. It gives him that “fresh out of bed” tousled look with a degree of control that isn't too stiff. I love watching him rock out his edgy look with unbridled self-confidence.

As for how we cut this “wild child” look, dad uses a buzzer for the sides and clips the top with shears. Easy peasy.

Clean cut little boy hair

Our Clean Cut Kid

I'm not saying that this dude is one to always fall in line, but he does enjoy structure. He likes things to be neat, tidy and organized, and his little boy hair reflects that. I tried matching his style to his spunky little brother for a bit, and that did not go over well. He would persistently mash his hair down, demanding a “sleek” look. Eventually, we learned to roll with it. AXE Clean Cut Look Pomade is our go-to for him.

This undercut is difficult to achieve at home, so we take him to a professional stylist to cut it.

Little boy hair in a tiny many bun

Au Naturale Little Boy Hair

I don't even quite know how to describe this one. Minion is the most self-assured human I've ever met. He makes eye contact with everyone, to the point that he will grab your face and demand complete attention if you aren't giving it to him. He's the one who still tries to rip his clothes off and run butt naked around the lawn. His hair is completely natural. It's never been cut. We rub a bit of AXE Peace Control Cream throughout to help control flyaways, but for the most part this casual and effortless style is all his own. He rocks it flowing or up in a man bun, and occasionally in tiny braids. This cream keeps up with every look.

Baby hair

We have yet to figure out the baby's hair, but he's quickly developing a style that's entirely his own. It'll be fun to watch this guy make his way along with his brothers!

Still figuring out your little boy hair style? My advice is to stock up on some creams and play around until you figure out which one work best with your kid's hair! Now through June 13th, AXE hair products are Buy 1 Get 1 50% off and Buy 2 get $4 ExtraBucks® Rewards. So your kid can tackle all the summer celebrations in style!


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