My Go-To On the Go Snack

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I’m still going. And going and going and going. Friends have asked how it is that I can have this sort of energy in the midst of everything. Right after claiming that I’m trying to be mindful, how can I also write about being busy and needing an on the go snack? Well, life happens, that’s how. One pal recently said I reminded her of Princess Poppy from Trolls. She then cheekily, musically chanted, “Get back up again!”

I think, for me and for many people I know, being busy is the default setting. I had an incredibly difficult home life as a child, and I learned to cram my mind full of other things. I wove in simple self care when I was able to, but distraction was the MAIN line of defense. When feelings became too much to handle internally, outward motion felt appropriate.

Taking the family downtown

Right now, that’s what makes sense again. To keep moving. To DO something, anything, even if I know it’s a temporary diversion from something bigger that I can’t currently fix. I’m okay with that. I’m allowing myself that temporary grace. All I can do is hope that my friends and family will understand. I can also support the community of like-minded people I find myself surrounded by. The ones who are admittedly struggling to juggle work and home and outside pressures. The ones with *gasp!* BIG GOALS that they don’t want to set aside. The ones who can’t or simply choose not to slow down right this moment, for whatever reason. The ones who embrace every second of life with every ounce that they have to give. The ones who are proactive, who crave solutions over opinions.

mom and boys snacking

My solution, for this particular season in life, is to try to follow my heart. I choose to say an enthusiastic “yes!” to whatever I’m drawn to in the moment, be it work or play or stillness. I had a trip on the docket the other day and was sad because I wanted to spend some more time with the kids. Things have been hectic, and I needed to connect with them a little more deeply. I needed some one-on-one conversations. I couldn’t cancel the trip (again, because I agreed enthusiastically and I’m determined to keep my commitments) so I decided to try doing both. Nate loaded the boys up to accompany us on my trek to the airport, leaving with lots of time to take the kids to one of their favorite downtown hangouts beforehand.

Walking with baby

We walked around and listened to music and watched surfers come in and out of the busy doors. We talked about everything, and nothing. I took the baby by the hand and slowly strolled back and forth along the sidewalk as he bumbled along with his clumsy stride.

mom with on the go snack

All of this isn’t to say I’m not taking care of myself, though. I want to be honest in admitting that I slept for about 12 hours the day before this. Because that’s what I needed on that day. But on this particular day, I needed some ease and family time and self care, so I asked my assistant to work extra hours and I shoved some Metamucil Fiber Thins in my bag upon deciding that I was totally NOT in the mood to eat the snack that the boys wanted to eat.

Metamucil Fiber Thins

The greasy sports fare served at their favorite establishment isn’t MY scene, but I can appreciate that they love it. Perhaps that’s one of the keys to juggling this work-life-family-friends situation. Embrace what other people embrace. Let them love what they love, unhindered. In the process, though, keep an eye on your own needs.

We’ve been working with Metamucil for a long time, so their new Metamucil Fiber Thins have been hanging around my desk and were the perfect thing to grab. They’re an easy way to boost daily fiber intake (you all know how much we love that daily fiber intake!) and they come in individually wrapped single servings for an on the go snack to keep busy people powering through. They have three flavors, but the chocolate is definitely my fave. A decadent little treat that’s actually GOOD for me? Yes, please! Incorporated within is psyllium fiber that helps digestive systems run more smoothly. It also helps satisfy hunger, so there are no diet-busters here.

taking a snack through the airport

After our little downtown jaunt, I grabbed a whole box to stash in my hotel room for on the go snacks on my trip.

Or late-night treats. Whatever.

How do you care for yourself when life is hectic? Do you have a healthy on the go snack that you reach for to keep your diet from getting out of whack?


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