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Parents of today do things a bit differently than in the past. We tend to be more on-the-go. We're also inundated with information, to the point that many wind up going against the grain altogether. Take Nate and I, for example. We don't even have a diaper changing table for our infant. Nope, we simply plop him down in various places throughout the house! To get the diaper deed done, we use a baby basics tote to bring the necessities to us (instead of vice-versa).

Make a baby basics tote to keep all the necessities corralled.

A few guests have visited recently and offered to take baby off our hands for a couple minutes (praise God!) and they're always impressed with our portable changing solution. So we thought we'd share this easy tip that can help you spend more cuddle time with baby, and less time running back-and-forth to the changing table.

Make a baby basics tote to keep all the necessities corralled.

We worked with Boudreaux’s Butt Paste to come up with this little tote idea, and they're one of the BIG must-have items in our baby basics selection. Their diaper rash cream has been our go-to ever since we discovered it with our second child, who would break out in seriously gnarly diaper rashes (and even hives!) due to allergies as an infant. We learned with his gentle skin that we needed something fast-acting and powerful, but also free of irritants like parabens and dyes and preservatives that so many lotions are riddled with. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste is also free of talc, which was a BIG no-no with our third son's lungs after he got RSV.

Make a baby basics tote to keep all the necessities corralled.

When it's time to change Bam, we lay out the blanket and do a quick diaper switcheroo. We clean all the, uh, crevices thoroughly and then use the new diaper to fan his little bottom dry. Prevention is key when it comes to diaper rash, and dryness is half the battle. To maintain that dryness and keep moisture at bay, we slather on a thick protective barrier of Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. Our favorite is the Natural formula, which adds soothing ingredients like aloe vera to the 16% Zinc Oxide found in the Original formula. The Maximum Strength formula has 40% Zinc Oxide, just in case we encounter a gnarly diaper situation that needs to be nipped in the butt bud. Heh.

Make a baby basics tote to keep all the necessities corralled.

We've seen a bunch of baby basics totes and purse clutches on the market, but most of them are cutesy or aren't sized right or come with a bunch of odds and ends we'll never use. For ours, we just got an office supply caddy and filled it with the stuff we actually need: diaper rash cream, wipes, a few extra diapers, a muslin cloth to lay baby on, nail clippers and a brush just in case we see some cradle cap flaring up.

Make a baby basics tote to keep all the necessities corralled.

Keep it simple and make your own baby basics tote! You can get Boudreaux’s Butt Paste from a variety of popular retailers listed on their website, and get more rash-busting tips on Facebook or Instagram.

What are your must-have baby basics with a newborn?

This post has been sponsored by Boudreaux’s Butt Paste®. All opinions are my own.


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