A Minions Oral Care Setup for your Movie-Loving Kid

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To say that we have some BIG Minions fans in our household would be an understatement. We’ve dressed up as the characters for Halloween, our third son is nicknamed “Minion”, and they’re all over our kids’ favorite jammies! So when our dentist said we needed to motivate our kids to brush their teeth more consistently, I knew exactly what approach to take. A Minions toothbrush, all the Minion-y gear I could find to go along with it, and the new augmented reality brushing experience from Colgate on the Blippar app!

Minions toothpaste

Colgate has kids toothpaste with Minions on it, and I also got some new Colgate Minions character toothbrushes to go along with it.

Minions toothbrushes

How cute are these little characters, cheering the kids on as they brush!? Bob, on the right, has always been my fave, personally. I could use a Minion cheerleader like that, following me around and enthusiastically remarking over every awesome thing I do.

Ah, to be Gru or Lucy. Or even Margo, Edith or Agnes.

Minions Blippaar app

That isn’t even my kids’ favorite part of the tooth brushing experience, though. I know, hard to believe. Along with their toothpaste and toothbrushes, Colgate has also partnered with Blippar to develop an in-app brushing experience. That’s right, your kids can brush their teeth with a crew of Minions cheering them on!

Boy brushing teeth with app

Just download the augmented reality app Blippar and point it at the Minions toothpaste to launch the experience. You can actually scan a ton of different things all around the world. Packages in grocery stores, posters in movie theaters, signs at the zoo.

Minions toothbrush app

In this case, the app recognized the Colgate Minions toothpaste and automatically launched the Colgate Minions oral care experience. It opened on a screen with a brush timer that guided my son through brushing his teeth. There were also fun activities to practice brushing and flossing, a place to create a profile to track your child’s brushing, and a parent’s place.

Kid brushing teeth

With this Colgate Minions oral care setup to look forward to, our kids are begging to brush their teeth every morning and night.

How do you motivate your kids to stay on top of their brushing routine?


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