DIY Minion Costume (and Gru, too!)

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Yesterday we made our annual trek to the pumpkin patch, decked out in the boys' chosen Halloween outfits. I was feeling short on time but too low on patience for pricey store-bought stuff that inevitably breaks halfway through the night, so I busted out some DIY Minion costumes in about an hour flat. We've got a Gru costume, too!

Super-Simple DIY Minion costumes (and Gru, too!)

I can't even handle the cuteness right now.

Super-Simple DIY Minion costumes (and Gru, too!)

Minion Costume Supplies

I've seen some similar Minion concepts floating around the interwebs, but nothing that easily involved the whole family AND included Gru. So if that's what you're looking to accomplish, I pulled together a quick Amazon affiliate shopping list that will have you on your way as fast as you can say “Prime.”

Super-Simple DIY Minion costumes (and Gru, too!)

For the goggles, simply loop them together with black elastic in the middle and a black elastic strap.

Super-Simple DIY Minion costumes (and Gru, too!)

Black pipe cleaners stuck sporadically through the top of the yellow beanies make cute hair for your DIY Minion costume.

Super-Simple DIY Minion costumes (and Gru, too!)

And for Gru, all you really need is a plain shirt and black pants or jeans. Technically he wore black pants and a grey pea coat in the movie, but it's 80 degrees here in San Diego and that just ain't happening. I felt like the scarf was really all we needed to pull it off (that plus the fact that Nate is conveniently already bald so he slipped into character fairly well, hah!).

If I was feeling really detail-oriented about the whole thing, I could have finished the kids' outfits off with some black shoes and gloves. Even without those finishing touches, it was pretty obvious what they were, and people at the pumpkin patch were remarking left-and-right about their cute little DIY Minion costumes. I also discovered that Minions is streaming over on Netflix, so it was easy to get the kids extra-excited for their costumes by streaming that a few times. Costume winning all-around!

What are you going to be for Halloween? Do you have a bunch of Despicable Me or Minions fans? Pin this DIY Minion costume for later!


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