Moana Printable Homeschool Worksheet

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This Moana printable homeschool worksheet is an easy way to keep kids of all ages focused on the Disney movie.

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It's heeeere! At long last, my first movie/television-based homeschool lesson is finally ready for you guys. I shared in our How to Homeschool guide that we primarily use textbook- and worksheet-based curriculum for early letter practice as well as grammar, spelling and math.

We generally limit screen use for the kids, since ours tend to get CRAY if they spend too much time looking at a tablet or computer. Our family more-or-less limits time at the computer to therapy sessions, intervention and extra skill practice. We also use computer time for the older kids to dive into specialized interests such as photography and STEM camp.

For science and history, however, we are ALL about that television screen. Depending on the season, we watch one or two hours of TV per day. Almost everything we watch as a family is educational (or we add an educational slant to it through discussion, worksheets and unit lessons). And when I say “as a family,” I mean that this is how I get a lot of email-checking and article-writing done.

Moana worksheet

For this Moana printable, I nabbed access to the show through our Disney+ subscription and watched with the kids, jotting down questions relating to the content as it played

Get the Moana Printable now!

  • Where to stream Moana? Disney+
  • What age is this Moana printable homeschool worksheet appropriate for? Grade 1-8 for written answers. Pre-K and K can participate with verbal answers
  • Example question: How do Moana's friends and family use different parts of coconuts?

Note: We offer all of our printable homeschool worksheets free for a week after they go live on the site. After that, we charge $0.99 to cover our creation time and hosting fees. To get upcoming weekly printables for FREE, sign up below! Also, a lot of people ask about our preferred printer. We use the Canon MegaTank so we never run out of ink!

This Moana printable homeschool worksheet is meant to be filled out while watching the show. It has 7 simple questions that are appropriate for the whole family, as well as an answer guide.

Our answer guides are thorough, to make it as easy as possible for parents to see that their children understood the premise of the questions and their respective answers. We recommend being lenient with grading and encouraging out-of-the-box thinking.

Moana printable homeschool worksheet

More Moana Fun for Further Learning

  • If you really want to connect to the movie, go visit Aulani!
  • Flounder and Olaf both appear in the film. Can you find them?
  • Disney built The Oceanic Story Trust – a team of cultural experts – to help advise during the making of the movie.
  • They didn't hold auditions for Maui. They know that they wanted The Rock to play him!
  • Moana means “ocean.”
  • Pua was voiced by a real pig.

Will your family use this Moana printable? If not, what homeschool worksheets would you like? Let me know and I just may create one for you!


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