7 Motivational Audiobooks for Moms

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So many of my friends are becoming parents right now, and I'm thrilled that I can share a little bit of knowledge with them – including my favorite motivational audiobooks!

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I always offer new moms and dads some essential baby tips and bedtime tricks, of course, but the most important message for parents is that they shouldn't forget about themselves. Every new mom slips into a bit of a funk as she realizes that her time is no longer just hers. Dads experience this too – of course – but it seems to hit women very hard as society downplays whatever roles mom had before she became “mother.” Stereotypes tell us that women are the multi-taskers and it's OUR job to keep the cogs of the family running smoothly.

It's easy to get lost in the shuffle of diapers and playdates and bottles, but your aspirations are still there and they still matter. Now it's more critical than ever to get a handle on your time and your dreams. Here are my favorite motivational audiobooks to help remind mom that she can achieve greatness in her home, career, personal life and whatever else she may set her sights on.

Motivational Audiobooks to Lift You Up

7 best motivational audiobooks for moms (get organized and find inspiration when you feel totally overwhelmed by the mundane)

Since I spend much of my work day reading and researching, I like to get my motivational reads in e-book form. It's so much easier to hit a “play” button as opposed to juggling a printed book while folding laundry. Our sponsor Audible got me hooked on their service awhile back. I got a free book as part of a 1-month trial and quickly renewed my subscription after that, making a lengthy list of motivational audiobooks to dive into month-after-month.

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The 7 Habits of Highly-Effective People. A true classic, Stephen R. Covey's fatherly advice is applicable to absolutely anyone in any position in life. If you haven't read it yet (and probably even if you have), this will give you new perspective on your situation and insight into your power to affect change in your life.

The Confident Mom. For Christian moms, Joyce Meyer puts the experience of parenthood into a biblical perspective to help the experience make a little more sense. This one served as a gentle reminder that I am part of a bigger picture, even though it may not feel like it when I'm spreading butt balm on a toddler.

Year of Yes. I already idolize Shonda Rhimes based on her ability to entertain me every week with shows like Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. In her poignantly-funny mini-memoir, she shares how she learned to finally say “yes” to herself – a critical life skill for any woman.

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Breaking Busy. Another book from a Christian slant, this one features Alli Worthington's story about re-assessing priorities and using actionable tips to get the most out of the time you have. For moms feeling drowned by the minutia, this will help you get your head back above water.

Stumbling on Happiness. The idea of using scientific learnings to construct a fulfilled life has always fascinated me. In this book, the author of Blink and The Tipping Point shares detailed research showing that most people tend to over-anticipate the happiness or sadness that they'll glean from future events. He leaves readers with a refreshingly-simply guideline for tackling the day-to-day: seek wisdom from those more experienced than yourself, and live in the moment.

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The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Marie Kondo has truly changed my life. After I had kids, I was quickly swallowed by clutter. Let's face it, I wasn't the most organized person to begin with. This book gave me the inspiration I needed to take control of my own space.

Eat That Frog! Any poor habits you have before you become a parent are bound to amplify themselves when you have small squirmy people climbing all over every aspect of your life. My tendency to procrastinate became a glaringly obvious issue after kids. It's one thing to leave a paper until the last minute in college, but it's a whole other beast to be on deadline while juggling a colicky baby. Brian Tracy explains how you can bring order to your life, essentially reprogramming yourself to tackle the most difficult tasks first every single day.

Did any of these motivational audiobooks spark your interest? Download one for free with a 1-month trial of Audible. After that, it's just $14.95 for a new audiobook of your choice every month (quite a deal when some of my favorite, lengthy classics go for $30-50 or more).

What's your favorite motivational audiobook?


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