Life Balance

The Best Way to Start your Day

In my family, everyone has a superhero identity. The oldest kid loves math and science, so he’s a SuperEngineer. Dad is BearMan, with the power to reach tall things and give strong hugs. Me? I’m SuperMom. I juggle a busy schedule with finesse! Today, I’m sharing the best way to start your day so you can keep up with your family’s super-demanding super-needs from dawn until dusk.

How I (Really) Workout On the Go

I’ve tried SO many ways to workout on the go. There are a zillion articles about this, but it seems like people are really opinionated and personal in their recommendations. Some are all about CrossFit, dropping in to gyms or “boxes” in whatever town they visit. Some are loyal to yoga, insisting that any hotel they book must have an on-site studio or nearby instructors. Nate and I travel so often and in so many different ways, I’ve realized that it’s impossible for me to workout on the go in the same manner every time.

What it Means to be a Man Today

Our family is going through a difficult time right now. Hah. Understatement of the century! I’m not ready to talk about that just yet, though. I’ve buried myself in work as a welcome distraction. There’s zero logic in anything going on in our world, but there’s logic in my response to it. I need to provide stability for my family. I need to be strong for my boys. The irony is not lost on me. Women, stereotypically, are not the workaholics. Women, stereotypically, are not the logical ones. But then, nothing about our family really is stereotypical.

2 Weeks to More Mindful Habits

We’ve still been traveling and working a ton. As awesome as it is to have a steady stream of projects that we enjoy, it’s easy to get overcommitted and exhausted. I’m sure everyone does it: we get caught up in the MORE MORE MORE mentality and catch ourselves striving. For some reason we’re compelled to prove that we’re capable, good, efficient, successful, worthy. As creative people in a competitive industry, Nate and I need to constantly check in on our mindset and energy level. We’ve learned to give ourselves the flexibility to hit the reset button and weave more mindful habits into our lives.

How I Say No

How I Say No to Pretty Much Everything like a Total Boss

I’ve been trying to read this Year of Yes book, and I just can’t get on board with it at all. I was chatting with a friend over coffee the other day, talking about how it’s easy to get bombarded with life, become completely overwhelmed and burn out. Like many parents, my phone is a persistent nightmare zone of requests from school, church, our community groups and work. If I said yes to everything, I would lose my dang mind!