Our Rooftop Tent Camping Trailer

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You all have seen a lot of our camping trailer with its CVT rooftop tent. We've even had a few readers write to say that they were inspired to buy their own, and we're getting a huge kick out of watching their adventures now!

We get asked about our setup constantly, so we decided to make a video tour to help everyone get up-close and personal.

Components of our Rooftop Tent Setup

Our rooftop CVT tent is a Mount McKinley, the biggest they make. It sleeps the five of us with room to spare. When the boys get older, we may get a second one or they'll be relegated to sleeping in the truck. We have a bed cap on the truck so it's another comfortable and warm space. I even lay down a mattress topper in there to cozy it up!

Our trailer is an M101A 3 that Opa bought at auction on Government Liquidation. We had a welder friend of ours extend the sides up and add a rack where we were able to place wood slats for a deck to mount the rooftop tent. For storage, we use regular old Husky boxes from Home Depot. They have wheels and extendable tow handles so we can easily lift them in and out of the trailer (bonus: they make for perfect seating!). For power, a Briggs & Stratton P3000 PowerSmart Series Inverter – the same one seen in our drive-out movie night – helps us run electronics and a small heater without killing the truck battery.

We've made various upgrades to the F-350 to make it more capable for boondocking (backwoods camping), including upgraded suspension, wheels and tires and on-board air so we can adjust tire PSI for performance on different terrain. We also travel with Rotopax for backup fuel and water and keep an extensive Ryobi toolkit on-hand in case we need to make repairs on the road. A 511 backpack serves as our go bag to compartmentalize various travel accessories, and a Trasheroo hooks to the back of the rooftop tent camping trailer for quick and easy camp cleanup.

Do you have any questions about our rooftop tent camping trailer?


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