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A couple years ago, I shared plans for a laundry she shed with a Speed Queen washer, and it went kinda viral on the web and resulted in a kajillion questions.

Mom sitting on Speed Queen washer

Why have an outdoor laundry room? Would your husband not LET you have a she shed without putting a washing machine in it? Is this “laundry shed” really an excuse to get away from your kids and browse Instagram in peace? 

The answers are: I wanted to install a master bathroom where the existing laundry room was, my husband cares not in the slightest about what I do in my shed, and yes. Yes it was.

We partnered with Speed Queen to put a Speed Queen washer and dryer in that shed, and it was such a completely successful experience from beginning-to-end. We recently sold that house, leaving the washer and dryer in place, and we eagerly jumped at the chance when the brand reached out and asked if we’d like to partner up to put a Speed Queen washer and dryer in our new home.

And by the way, I’m not the only one who’s totally smitten with Speed Queen. They just won a Women’s Choice Award for the 6th year in a row – adding to their extensive list of awards that recognize them as the best. This nod in particular? 2019 America’s Most Recommended Luxury Washer and Dryer based on a national survey.

Luxurious, indeed.

Speed queen washers are the best washers. heres what all the fuss is about.

We still get a ton of readers happening upon our laundry posts and they are FULL of questions, so I figured I’d answer them all here in one fell swoop.

Speed queen washer and dryer set

Is a Speed Queen washer really THAT much better than other brands?

Yes. Yes it is. They have stainless steel tubs where others have plastic. Their warranty is absolutely unbeatable. They’ve taken the confusion out of laundry with straightforward operations and useful functionalities like Speed Queen Perfect Wash – an exclusive wash system that not only delivers the best wash available but also takes care of clothes, and they’re built to last around 25 years of residential use.

Above and beyond all of that, the clothes simply come out cleaner. When we’ve wound up staying in hotels for weeks at a time or staying with family using machine brands other than our beloved Speed Queen washer, our stuff just seems more funky than usual.

Kid sitting on Speed Queen washer

What’s the deal with Speed Queen washer and dryer warranties?

Their normal seven-year warranty is amazing. And right NOW, through the end of the year, they have a massively insane over-the-top 10-year warranty. That’s utterly unheard of, you guys. That’s almost 4,000 days of parts and in-home labor covered, stress-free. Before we got our first Speed Queen washer, we were going through washing machines and dryers at an average rate of one new one every two years. These cheap plastic things just BROKE and the manufacturers were utterly useless in offering any help.

Not Speed Queen, though. When one of my kids decided to chuck his pants in the wash with a pocket full of rocks, and one of those rocks happened to lodge itself into an important component, I went through the regular warranty process and explained what happened. They sent someone over straight away. He fiddled around with screw and nobs and replaced the do-hicky, and went on his way without charging me a cent. Amazing.

Speed Queen washer and dryer side by side

I thought Speed Queen washers were all commercial-level machines?
Speed Queen first made their mark in a commercial capacity, proving themselves in laundromats, college dorms and apartment complexes. In fact, when we were living in our RV at the new lake property over the summer, the laundromats that we frequented were all equipped with Speed Queen washers.

It was pretty funny when the kids recognized the label and got all excited, “Look, mom, they have our machines!”

In any case, the brand was so successful in those industrial-level applications that the demand for home models surged. They brought their brand’s 110 years of trusted durability, quality and performance to the consumer market so that folks like us could finally have peace of mind about our laundry machines.

Speed Queen washer and dryer with toddler

Are the Speed Queen washer and dryer systems really made in America?
Yup! They’re proudly headquartered in Ropn, Wisconsin with more than 2,000 dedicated employees and more than 3,200 independent dealers across the country.

Speed Queen washer and dryer

Why is your Speed Queen washer in your studio?
Ah, yes, you spied the graffiti on the floor in that old cement building we rescued from demolition in Idaho. This well-loved spot has been our daily hangout for the last few weeks, and we're smitten with the transformation happening in here. We’re still building our new house, but I wanted to go ahead and get machines to do laundry. And I wanted the best, so I didn’t have to buy twice. Because that’s how I roll.

Have you used a Speed Queen washer and dryer? What did you think?


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