Store Brand Formula and Other Mom Hacks

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Are you expecting a baby? Looking to maximize your time, money and efforts? We’ve got all the best mom hacks, including money-saving tips like using Store Brand Formula and sanity-conserving efforts like keeping an extra binky on hand at all times. Read on, friend, to make this new mom stuff a total breeze.

3 Mom Hacks to Make Life Easier

Mom hacks like store brand formula (to save money!) and keeping a binky on-hand at ALL TIMES

I don’t know that these are exactly “hacks” as much as “no-nonsense tips to help moms and dads survive.” When I think of a parent hack, I think of things like using a pool noodle under the sheet to keep your kid from falling out of bed or using a lint roller to pull up rogue glitter after craft time. There are quite a few things that are a lot more basic than that, though, and they deserve our mention and our attention precisely because they are the things that we often think everyone knows. New and experienced moms and dads may not know these things, though, because nobody takes time to tell them.

Mother holding baby with formula

Use Store Brand Formula

Store Brand Formula is nutritionally comparable to nationally advertised brands but costs up to 50% less. Infant formula is regulated by the FDA, which means that all ingredients need to meet specific nutritional standards. All formula brands contain comparable essential nutrients to make sure baby stays healthy and receives nutrients to grow!

baby reaching for bottle

Always, Always have a backup Binky and Bottle

Bottles and binkies are on the list of kiddo essentials – but do you know how to handle things if one of those items goes missing while you’re out and about? It is basically inevitable that your kiddo will chuck a bottle out a window or leave a binky at a playground. Be prepared by having a second set.

mother holding diaper and clothes

Be Ready with Extra Shorts and Diapers

You never know what a blowout will occur, so you should always be prepared with extra diapers and extra pants in-hand. Even if you’re just running to the neighbor’s house! We keep these together in a quart baggie and quickly transfer them from purse-to-purse as needed.

baby eating in mothers arms

I think one of the biggest things I learned was to use a purse insert to keep the basics with me no matter what bag I was using as my babies got older. They sell these at most retail stores and online – it’s just a little pouch with pockets to fit that diaper and pant set, formula, bottle, and other essentials. That way, you can always have the basics with you, without having to bust out the diaper bag for every little trip.

What are your biggest mom hacks to keep things moving with a baby?


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