This Stroller Doubles as my Diaper Bag

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Quite a few people have asked how we manage to juggle four rowdy boys ages 5 and under. Truth be told, we have a bunch of help and a whole lot of gear that kicks some serious baby butt.

How I corral ALL the stuff with 4 kids. The Cubby stroller from sponsor OXO keeps it all together. Best baby shower gift EVER.

The only way we maintain some semblance of sanity is by keeping things corralled and contained as much as possible. Out in public, our stroller has always been the main crux of that. This time around we've been relying on a genius stroller design from sponsor OXO Tot.

This stroller has secret little compartments to help parents be prepared on-the-go.

The aptly-named Cubby has cute little zippable compartments cleverly included throughout for stashing diapers, wipes, burp cloths and other essentials. It's absolutely perfect for days when I run out of the house for a quick errand and don't want to hassle with a purse or diaper bag on top of the car seats and carriers and everything else.

There's plenty of space in this stroller to stash the purse in the bottom AND keep all the gear handy up-top.

On days when I do decide to bring a tote along, there's a sturdy flap in back that helps expand the basket so even my biggest bags fit nicely below. Up top, a handy zipper compartment is just large enough for my phone, wallet and keys.

5-point stroller harness

So I can strap on the baby, get the 2-year-old loaded in his seat, keep everything I need nearby and still have a free hand to chase after this energetic guy. With an easy-to-adjust harness, I can keep the 2-year-old OR the 4-year-old contained based on my moment-to-moment-needs.

Honestly, the configuration really depends on who decides to throw the biggest tantrum.

Tired preschooler eating spaghetti

It's perfect for those days when big brother's off at kindergarten and I'm left to entertain a baby, toddler and preschooler. For anyone looking for car seat adaptability, they’ve got that covered too. Adapters secure onto all Cubby Strollers for an easy travel system compatible with Graco, Chicco, Maxi Cosi, Cybex, Nuna, Britax and Peg Perego seats.

This stroller takes the place of my diaper bag.

When someone inevitably winds up needing a nap, I just yank on a couple straps to lay the back rest down and my stroller-diaper-bag becomes a stroller-sleep-station. In another quick hand motion, a large flap pulls out in front to turn it into stroller-sun-shade so I can maneuver my kiddos through the brightest or rainiest day without adding “weather” to my list of worries. It's been perfect for our showers here in San Diego, but the company also has a separate, attachable rain cover if your area gets heavier falls.

Braking the Cubby stroller in flip-flops

Speaking of weather, the Cubby is one of the few strollers I've seen with a brake system that cooperates with our flip-flop style here in Southern California. The easy-up and easy-down foot flap means we can start or stop at will, without fighting levers and triggers and complicated buttons.

Dad managing the stroller

I've seen a lot of dads get frustrated with complicated stroller doodads and try to avoid that aspect of baby-raising entirely. With the Cubby, he'll be quicker to get involved with the baby gear since there's basically zero learning curve. Easier maneuvering is something everyone can celebrate!

On top of all that, a peekaboo window means more entertainment for toddlers and more peace-of-mind for parents who are eager to check on their little ones without lifting up the long-extend canopy.

OXO Cubby stroller

When the trip's over, I collapse our stroller for easy storage by pulling up on the seat straps. At our next stop, I push on that grey tab to the right to unlock the stroller. It flips open in seconds!

OXO Cubby stroller

For ultimate errand-day appeal, it stands straight up by itself, taking up way less space than traditional umbrella-type strollers that lay flat and hog the entire floorboard of our tiny minivan trunk.

Stand-alone stroller in the trunk

And the handle doesn't drag on the ground when it's stashed in this configuration, which has been an ultimate pet peeve of mine with standing-fold strollers of the past.

The Cubby functions exactly as its name would imply, with storage, convenience and all the usual stroller-headaches solved.

How do you juggle your stuff while managing a stroller and a baby?


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