How to Have the Best Disneyland Christmas EVER

We always kick off the festive season with a Disneyland Christmas visit. It’s technically called Disneyland Holidays, but my family calls it Disneyland Christmas so we’re just gonna roll with that here. This is a HUGE tradition for us, and I feel pretty knowledgeable after visiting for years. If any of you are looking to celebrate the season in Disney style, here are my pro tips!

Why I’m Pissed off about your Early Christmas Decor

I was dreading the holidays this year. It’s always a hard time for me, in general. Instead of sugarplums dancing around, my yuletime memories from childhood mostly include liquor-addled altercations. There was the time my stepdad yanked the Christmas tree down on top of me, and a particularly warm recollection of him holding a snowflake ornament up against my neck like a shuriken.

Delegate the holidays

How to Choose things to Delegate during the Holidays

I’m a BIG proponent of delegation, to the point that several conferences have invited me to speak on the subject. I’m even writing a course about it! My lovely assistant comes to my house to help with studio tasks in-person each week while remote consultants wrap up the digital stuff I need done. It’s wonderful. In business, however, there are fairly clear-cut lines between what a manager should do and what someone else should take care of. Delegating domestic stuff is a whole other ball game, especially during this festive season of crafts and gifts and baubles and bows!

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited Holiday

32 Festive Holiday Titles on Amazon FreeTime Unlimited

People often ask how we keep the kids occupied on plane trips or infinite-seeming stretches of road. I do have a magic trick up my sleeve, but it isn’t any big secret or surprise. Tablets. We hand the kids tablets. These long travel stretches are the one time they’re given total, unbridled (parental pre-screened) access to all the apps and videos their little hearts could desire.

Let the kids decorate for the holidays

Let the Kids Decorate for the Holidays

When I was a kid, my mom was so OCD about Christmas decorations that she’d actually re-decorate the tree after we got done decorating it as a family. We’d go to bed with a Charlie Brown-esque tree situation and magically wake up to a Martha Stewart magazine-worthy layout.

Fill a Coca-Cola tote with some festive goodies for a cozy night watching holiday lights.

Holiday Lights for our Hero

For his day job, Nate works as a first responder in the field of public health and safety. Basically, this means he’s the guy who’s there when everything hits the fan. During the holiday season – as you might imagine – his work amounts to a TON of overtime.