Florida Vacation

Epic Orlando hotel with a pirate ship

Our Favorite thing in Orlando was this Epic Hotel (with a Pirate Ship!)

Some of our good friends went to Orlando awhile ago and came back raving endlessly about the hotel. “Our room was as big as a house!” they exclaimed. I’ll admit I cocked my head to the side a bit and laughed. Of ALL the things to do in Orlando, it seemed strange that these guys were writing home about a resort. I love a good mattress and hot tub, sure, but can that really top thrill rides and fireworks?

Shelling 101

Sea Shelling 101 (By the Sea Shore!)

When I was a kid growing up along the coast of Washington, I’d walk down to the coastline to go shelling at the beach and repeat to myself over and over again, “She sells sea shells by the sea shore.” I learned this little diddy from my stepmom and I thought it was SO clever. Not even kidding, I had visions of myself collecting all the shells and opening up shop, making some sort of jewelry out of it all and eventually saving enough money to escape our tiny island.