The Tooth Fairy Forgot?

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My kids are rapidly approaching the age of losing teeth, which totally freaks me out because EWWW. And also, the tooth fairy forgot to fetch my teeth on occasion when I was a kid. No hard feelings or anything (I assume she's a busy gal) but I know she'll probably forget at some point with my own kids. I'm not stoked about handling the inevitable meltdown.

Quick! What to do when the tooth fairy forgot!

So what to do when you wake to find your kid crying and clutching their left-behind tooth in horror?

If the kid has the tooth in-hand, it's too late to do any sort of last-minute money switcharoo. So our friend Brandon came up with a genius way to cover for the tooth fairy by slipping this little note into his son Preston's room while Preston was blubbering in the kitchen.

Quick! What to do when the tooth fairy forgot!

Well played, Brandon. Well played.

Click through the above image or click here to download the letter and edit it for your own kiddo…just in case the tooth fairy forgot to come to your house.

And let's not beat up on the tooth fairy over it. She's got a lot of stuff to handle. It happens.


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