We use a lot of toilet paper and paper towels in our house. That's just how we roll. Hah, get it? Paper towel rolls? Okay Chelsea, you're a nerd.

toilet paper storage

I have this big closet in our laundry room where I stock up on our paper goods and household essentials whenever I see them on sale or with a particularly good offer/coupon.


toilet paper wall art

I've been keeping my leftover toilet paper rolls around for a craft, and inspiration struck me when I was holding toilet paper and scrolling through movies on TV. This was definitely the time to use them!

toilet paper wall art

Tada! Toilet paper roll wall art. That's how we roll. This was actually surprisingly easy to make.

Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art

Just flatten toilet paper rolls (I used about 12 for this project) and cut them into half-inch pieces. Lay those pieces on the ground in any pattern you'd like, glue them together (I use glue dots because craft glue is messy and hot glue is…well…hot) and then spray paint with a metallic paint.

If you were to make toilet paper roll wall art, what design would you make?