I really try not to shop at Costco too often because I could seriously spend a lot of money there. I also don't really have enough room to store a lot of bulk items in my home but there are definitely some items that I like to keep stocked. There are some things in the home that you really just do not want to run out of. Bath tissue is top on that list followed closely by tooth paste.

Top 10 Costco Essentials

I try to stick to my essentials and grab a couple extra fun items while I am there.

My Top 10 Costco Essentials: 

Paper Towels $25.89 (12 count)
Bath Tissue $18.28 (30 count)
Laundry Soap $34.99 (210 loads)
Trash Bags $15.89 (100 count)
Tooth Brushes $13.99  (8 count)
Tooth Paste $12.99 (4 pack)
Olive Oil $15.10 (2 liter)
Bananas $1.56 (3 lbs)
Paper Plates $11.64 (1000 count)
Wipes $29.99 (1120 count)

Some of these items are purely just needed – especially with the little ones in the house. Others, like olive oil are just smart choices based on cost. The amount of bananas you get for just $1.56 is pure craziness. There is a lot of other produce that is pretty inexpensive too but since there is so much of it you have to factor in if you will actually go through it all. Some items are easy to freeze too. Either way you look at it, it is nice to have a few things in the house that you don”t worry about running out of as often as others.

Other items that I typically purchase as well but are not exactly essentials are the roasted chicken, the artichoke chicken pasta, apple sauce pouches and other fruit. I really love to shop at Costco, actually. It is so big and full of new items every time I visit. The downside is going when the crowd is there. Seriously, trying to pick up a pie the day before Thanksgiving is probably the worst idea I have ever had. I try to go early in the morning and during the week. What are your Costco essentials? What else do you like to keep in bulk at your house?

Top 10 Costco essentials