Van Camping with the Honda Odyssey

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If you follow us on Instagram, you may have caught some pics from our Odyssey Road Trip over the last couple weeks. That's right. We went van camping.

family going camping

When I tell people that I packed up my toddler and baby and trekked 2800 miles in 10 days making numerous one-night camping stops along the way, the usual response is, “Wow, that sounds…awful.”

2014 honda odyssey touring elite

That is, until I explain that the vehicle we were in was like a living room on wheels. The 2014 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite was the perfect car for our van camping expedition. It comes complete with a widescreen LCD TV and DVD player and a spacious interior with eight-person seating. Think you can't pull off van camping? Think again.

van vacuum

honda odyssey in the woods

This thing has a vacuum. Enough said. Adios, stray Cheerios.

mini fridge in the van

Almost as cool as THAT is the mini-fridge cool box. It doesn't refrigerate things per se, but it concentrates cooling power from the air conditioner to keep snacks and drinks cold. It helped me provide fresh, cool milk for Some Boy and formula for Sidekick all day long…

van ac plug

…all while charging my electronics in the included AC plug. There were also jacks for connecting gaming systems and headphones in case kids just CAN'T part with their Mario Kart for a couple hours.

van doesn't need this vacuum

rear camera

For those feeling a little nervous at the thought of taking this top-of-the-line $45K vehicle for a spin, this thing practically drives itself. A rear-view backup camera warns you if you get too close in a tight parking spot, while other cameras around the car trigger the Lane Departure Warning system to beep when the car exits its lane. It has a collision alert system that warns when you're approaching cars too quickly (a function that came in handy  a couple of times when people in front of me slammed on their brakes) and checks your blind spots when changing lanes.


Extra super-bonus: voice commands are simple and straightforward, with the car guiding you straight to your destination. No more fumbling with the cell phone GPS while operating the vehicle.

van in san francisco

kid van camping

To make space for all our camping gear, we folded the third row into the floor and removed the middle seat from the second row. Both were quick and easy processes – perfect for busy families needing to make fast configuration switches. Both back doors and the tailgate are automatic, meaning I can have my van open and waiting for me the second I walk up. No need to mess with diaper bags and the baby carrier while wishing I had a spare arm to operate the trunk lever.

I am SO buying this van someday.

What a Van Camping Trip Looks Like

Take a sneak peak at one of our pit stops above for some of my favorite van camping tips!

Van Camping with Kids

Have you ever gone van camping with your family?


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  1. WHAT!?! A vacuum in the car?! That is THE most creative addition I’ve seen in a car in a LONG time! So inventive! Looks like you guys had a blast and a nice car to drive!

  2. We packed up our minivan and went camping for two days this summer. But I think if I had to only stay one night and then re-pack everything up to unpack it again (over and over) I’d go a little bonkers… no matter what vehicle I was driving. lol I love all the safety features of the Odyssey though, especially the lane departure warning system.

  3. Wow, that is a huge trunk space, I can’t believe you put those drawers in the back, that makes it convenient for storing and organizing! Kids could sleep in the trunk, it’s so spacious! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I LOVE the car feature! I want one! I would especially like the ‘cooler drawer”for my milk-oholics. And your travel pics are beautiful!

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