dad cooks dinner
Thank God March is almost over and we're nearing the end of our days with this mustache.

I'm away right now at a conference in Ventura for four glorious nights! “What?” I hear you gasping collectively, “You're leaving your husband alone with a two-year-old and four-month-old for four nights? Worst wife ever!” I know, I know. Whatever.

Velveeta Cheesy Casseroles

I'm not leaving them without some decent food for dinner, though. Back in our college days, Nate used to make his famous Velveeta chili dip for parties and it was always a hit. Velveeta + chili = liquidy awesomeness. It's been quite awhile since we've had that, so when I spied this easy CHEESY Velveeta casserole at the store, I had to get a few to have on hand. “What's that?” you say, “You're leaving your husband alone for four days with abundant quantities of Velveeta? Best wife ever!” I know, I know. Whatever.

homemade casserole

Cheesy chili cornbread casserole is a favorite of many households, but this Velveeta casserole kit makes it easy for Nate to whip up with minimal effort (so he doesn't end up ordering pizza or getting drive thru every single night I'm gone). To make this recipe myself, it would usually take ALL of this to equal what's in that one easy little Velveeta casserole box that comes complete with the cornbread, seasonings, vegetables and cheese.

Velveeta Casserole


For the cornbread portion, the box only requires that water be added to the mix. I personally like to use a little half and half or milk with boxed mixes. I find it makes them extra fluffy.

skillet beef

The only at-home ingredient that the Velveeta casserole actually calls for is beef. The seasoning and dried vegetables get added from a packet in the box. When I make boxed dinners, this is when I sneak in a few extra vegetables of my own, like a can of corn.

velveeta casserole

Velveeta gets layered on top of the beef and vegetables. Mmmm, creamy cheese! This is making me really hungry. I'm waiting for room service in my hotel as I type this and I could seriously go for some Velveeta casserole right about now.

velveeta casserole

And then the cornbread mixture goes right on top of that.

dad cooks velveeta dinner

Tada! Velveeta casserole. Chili cornbread dinner that anyone can cook. Even a busy dad with two babies on his hands.

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