Wear all the Babies

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This post I wrote about baby wrapping has been pinned a kazillion times, so I keep getting questions about whether or not I continue to babywear and what I use after the kids outgrow a wrap.

Wear all the babies!

The answer is YES! Oh my goodness, yes! Baby Minion is a particularly cuddly little dude who loves to be held, and being a third child in particular means he gets worn a whole lot because I need my hands for other stuff…like feeding my preschooler and toddler.

As soon as he outgrew the Moby Wrap, we stepped up to a Kinderpack. Kinderpacks are a little challenging to find since they're handmade by one woman's family in Illinois and they sell out of her online shop like hot cakes. This mom got frustrated that she couldn't find the perfect carrier, so she went through several iterations in her basement before landing on her own unique, perfectly-supportive design! Clearly, it was a hit. It can be worn on the front or back, and easily adjusted as baby grows. They're made in several sizes including infant, standard, toddler and preschool with straps in regular length and plus. The owner offers a huge array of patterns and has options including solid panel and koolknit weave for better venting in warm climates (you can see it in the one Nate's wearing below).

Wear all the babies!

I love the plus size straps because they're extra-cushy and it means that Nate can use the carrier, too, which has been a challenge with other carriers. At a burly 6'4″, it's hard to find one that fits him. Also, don't let this picture deceive you…they are both quite thrilled with the situation here but didn't want me taking their picture. Minion can pull his arms out of those holes between the straps, but he usually prefers to shove his hands down and grab onto our sides – especially when he's sleepy.

Your best bet to score one is from another parent who's selling on a Facebook swap group like this, this or this one. You can find them on eBay as well, but I often see them going for upwards of $400 there (ouch). They sell new from the store for around $200 and value in the resale groups fluctuates seasonally, but you can usually nab one for $200-300. Yes, they are that coveted. People pay more for used ones because it's so difficult to get one new.

Wear all the babies!

The only other thing I ever use is a water ring sling for carrying him around our pool.

For me, babywearing is SO much easier than trying to haul around a stroller (or worse, lugging one of those removable carseats in and out of a shopping cart and then having nowhere to put your groceries). I have my hands free to help my other kids or do stuff for myself which is quite a novel concept. Best of all, babywearing is a good excuse to meet other people. I constantly have new moms in grocery stores asking me for advice! I guess the whole baby strapped to my chest and two circling the cart thing indicates that I've put some thought into this parenting thing.

What are your tips for handling multiple kids?


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