Nate Day

Truck Bed CAMPER SHELL: What to Know

Chelsea and I use our Ford powerstroke and SnugTop OUTBACK camper shell to explore the western United States with our four sons. This is how we use our truck bed camper shell and why we made the decision to use SnugTop.

Why Pet SHEEP Make Happier KIDS

Enhancing our children’s personal perspective and improving their mental health is a difficult task. We’re making the most of our PET SHEEP and family farm to help bring out the best in our children. Here’s how farm animals make happier kids.

This Pressure Washer keeps our Home Clean

Anyone else ever notice that there always seems to be a summer before the fall? Almost without warning, a winter comes right after that. EVERY SINGLE YEAR. It’s like a conspiracy. Much like the wheels on our adventure truck, the seasons roll round and round. With those seasons come new work that needs to be done. Specifically, work for a pressure washer.

Family Finance for a Beautiful Way of Life

Chelsea and I have worked hard over the last decade to build our family. After getting married, we set out having kids straight away. Chelsea was building a career in marketing and I was struggling to find my own footing in the job market. Family finances weren’t always easy.

How to do the Ultimate Bedroom and Bathroom Remodel

We all crave our own space. A place to get away. A place that isn’t invaded by others, by other issues, other memories. A place with a clean slate to call our own and to escape to so we can process everything we’ve had to deal with throughout the day. Sometimes a quiet place to rest or just read a book.

This At-Home Bounce House Upped My Dad Game

Growing up, I never realized that there could be so much satisfaction in being a father. Not just in having children, but in having someone you simply want to take care of and make happy. Having someone right in front of you that just takes you back in time, to when you were also a child, to when you hopped through a bounce house and sprung around trampolines and thought the world was endlessly vast. I didn’t know that being a father meant both being selfless, and also indulging in someone else’s joy.

Our Trampoline Birthday Party was Flippin Awesome!

When I was a kid, one of the coolest sets of lyrics to be put to a dope beat was “jump up, jump up, and get down.” The song “Jump Around” by House of Pain included the word “jump” approximately 94 times which, coincidentally, is about how many jumps I have to do to get a full workout. Working up a sweat as an adult is SO much easier than it was when I was a kid, so our son’s trampoline birthday party recently doubled as my gym visit for the day and his celebration. Score!