I love baby wraps. After Some Boy came out all colicky, I soon discovered that the best way to soothe a fussy baby is to strap them onto your chest and just go about your business. Nine months in the womb has made them especially partial to being snuggled up against mom, and the natural movement of your body is the greatest comfort to them.

baby wrap

I used to use a long, one-piece baby wrap that I loved for the first baby. When the second came along, however, it got to be a little tedious trying to loop this big piece of fabric around me and get it in position while simultaneously wrangling a toddler. This time around, I didn't have the luxury of hibernating at home indefinitely until I felt ready to face the world. I had a business to run and a family to feed, and I needed something quick and convenient!

My favorite NEW way to Baby Wrap

baby wrap

Enter a new sort of baby wrap called the Baby K'tan.

baby wrap

This thing is the same kind of soft material that I used with my old one-piece baby wrap: 100% natural cotton free of nasty chemicals. The main part of the carrier is pre-formed into a soft double-loop, with different sizing available based on the parents' body type. It includes a separate sash piece with a little pocket on it, convenient for stuffing everything into for storage. I squish the baby wrap in there and toss it in my diaper bag for easy use anytime., anywhere I love that it's so small and convenient to carry around, and it fits me perfectly to hold the baby snug and securely against my body without hurting my back.

The only downside to having a pre-formed, body size-based baby wrap is that I can't adjust it to fit Nate. Honestly, though, he was never big on the baby wrap thing. He prefers structured carriers. Everyone has their baby-wearing preferences and it's totally okay to use whatever is most comfortable for you and your baby! He keeps his own structured carrier sized perfectly for him (I'll share more on that next week).

A better way to baby wrap

I can wear Sidekick in a variety of  ways inward and outward-facing on my chest, hip and stomach. Above, I show my favorite baby wrap position called the “hug.” Sidekick's a cuddly little guy, and he likes to be held up against me for long periods of time. It's easy to just pull the fabric up around his shoulders and then pull the loop down on my back for the proper support, adding the separate sash so he's nice and secure.

baby wrap

Of course, he does also get a kick out of being faced towards the world so he can see ALL the things! That's my favorite part about a wrap that has this much versatility: It can be used in different ways to accommodate baby's growing body, changing mood and different developmental needs that can vary from day-to-day.

Where are you wearing your baby this season?