It’s Birthday Season! How we Celebrate

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Every year, we exit vacation season and enter the frenzied days of back to school. When most people finally have a little down time before holidays kick into high gear, our family is enjoying birthday season.

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It goes from my dad's big day to my brother-in-law's celebration straight into Nate's and Sidekick's and then my grandpa's, Opa's and my grandma's event. Booyah, birthday season.

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It must be a timing thing. What's nine months before November? I'm guessing all my relatives like to get frisky as the warm summer sun peaks from the spring clouds…

Ewwww. Stop it, Chelsea. Don't think about your grandparents that way. Seriously.

Simplifying Birthday Season

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I've developed a very particular way of wrapping gifts out of the sheer need to create some sort of organized process from all this chaos. I buy plain brown paper and accent that with sweet bows and colorful cards.

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The cards are where it's at. Birthday season revolves around the cards.

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I like to stock up on cards for birthday season so I always have the perfect bold and bright greeting on-hand for my epic gift-wrapping sessions. I don't go for anything sappy or sentimental. I keep my cards short and sweet with a clear, “Happy Birthday” or “Enjoy Your Day” memo and lots of space to write a more personal message.

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Last time I was shopping I spied a ton of cards in a boxed set that I knew would come in handy. Bonus: they're totally cheaper this way than buying them individually. I happened to be browsing the stationary section and there they were, conveniently blinking up at me as the solution to my birthday season craziness.

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Add a little frilly bow, and you're good to go.

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How do you stock up for birthday season?


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  1. I love DIY gifts! This is very classy, and truly timeless. The recipient will always remember who the gift came from, thanks to just a little personalization!

  2. I like to stock up on cards, too. I can’t keep up with all of the birthdays, so having cards on hand definitely help me keep up on sending them out! #client

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