Garden Expressions

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You wouldn't know it by the weeds cropping up around my raised beds right now, but I love gardening. I'm obsessed with fruits, vegetables, seedlings and farms of all shapes and sizes. When I was a child my next door neighbor would let my sister and I carve our names in his little pumpkins every year. Later we could see our designs enlarge as we cared for our crops and they grew bigger and bigger. “You have to show your personality in a garden,” he'd say. “Garden expressions are what make the space your own.”

Garden Expressions

making your garden space your own

I'm instilling garden expressions throughout my acreage a number of ways. My favorite aspects about my gardens are never the plants themselves. I love adding creative markers, unusual storage spaces for tools, unconventional arrangements. I even have a garden flag advertising this space at our current home as my own little area.

garden sculpture

Sculptures make for fun, engaging garden expressions that inspire interesting conversation with guests. I know a family who collects small garden sculpture pieces everywhere they go to remember their travels. One of my friends even created a fairy sculpture area of her garden for her daughter to enjoy. Sculptures can often be picked up for a steal at Goodwill or yard sales.

potted plants

Think outside the bed! Incorporate plants in cool planters and unique displays to add some fun garden expressions to your space. If you don't have a large area in terms of floor space to work with, try hanging baskets and vertical planters like the customizable ones from Pennington.

unique objects - wagon wheels

Incorporate surprising and unexpected elements in your garden. I've seen a few people make cool raised beds with painted tires! Shake things up with interesting displays.


With garden expressions, the sky's the limit! We're working on a covered canopy with lots of pretty vines to offer some shade out back. Raise plants up off the ground to escape the ordinary. If you don't have the drive to create a full canopy space, Pennington Vertical Gardens can easily lift plants off the ground to help maximize space and add intrigue throughout your entire gardening space.

wood planks

Get away from the traditional picket fence! I've seen garden borders including unique wood planks, pallet materials, brick and tile.


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  1. I love that your garden is unique as well as pretty. I always have these great ideas, but the execution is another thing entirely.

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