I’ve had a number of people ask me how Some Boy gets fed when I’m out on date night with Nate or when Oma and Opa take him for the day. I simply pump extra breast milk ahead of time and store it for him to have when I’m not around. The Playtex Drop-Ins system makes this an absolute breeze, without any complicated bags to thaw out and transfer to bottles. The nipples on the Playtex Drop-ins system are wider than most bottle nipples, so Some Boy likes them and doesn’t have any nipple confusion when I return him to breastfeeding. Here’s how it works for us.

Playtex drop-ins

The system comes with four basic pieces: the disposable drop-in bags, plastic holder, lid and nipple.

Playtex drop-ins breastmilk storage

The drop-in bag goes into the plastic holder, and I attach my pump to the holder with an adapter so I can pump breast milk directly into the drop-in bags. When I’m done pumping, I put a lid on the plastic container with the drop-in bag inside and freeze it upright. When frozen, I remove the bag of breast milk (fondly known as “boobsicles” around our place) and store it in the freezer in a plastic bag.

playtex bottle

When Some Boy needs milk and I’m not around, relatives or a sitter can simply take out a frozen drop-in bag, pop it into the plastic container, and top with a nipple. The milk can thaw at room temperature or in a cup of warm water. The frozen drop-in bags come in a couple different sizes so I can store milk in larger quantities as Some Boy gets older.

babies r us registry

I first learned about the Playtex drop-ins system from a customer service person at Babies R Us when I was creating my baby registry there. Everyone is so helpful at that store and knows a ton about baby needs. Plus, they have a nursing and changing room that comes in really handy when I’m shopping with Some Boy. I was there the other day picking up some Playtex Drop-In parts to keep at Oma and Opa’s house and Some Boy started getting fussy. Instead of panicking and debating whether to feed him in the cramped car or rush home with him, I got to lounge and nurse on a comfortable chair in their private Mother’s Room.

Considering what a rough start Some Boy and I had with nursing, it’s a huge relief to have a bit of freedom now and then without interfering with our normal nursing routine or causing nipple confusion.