Child Language Development for Every Age

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We're working on child language development a lot with our oldest son. He didn't talk much before his second birthday.

Up to that point we practiced the usual repetition and identification activities for child language development. Since he turned two, though, his language skills have been rapidly growing! We've had a really fun time engaging him with games and activities to support his learning.

Games to Enhance Child Language Development

letter flashcard activities

Flash Cards for Preschoolers

For older toddlers and preschoolers, flash cards and flip books are the way to go. Some Boy has trouble emphasizing his consonants (we get a lot of “fooooo” instead of “foot” and words like that), so we're using Word FLIPS to work on those alveolar sounds by having him say words that end in soft vowels repeatedly followed by words that begin in sharp consonants. Slowly, he's figuring out how to merge the two. The flip book includes easy references in the beginning to help parents address any child language development issue that they're concerned with.

grammar gumballs

Grammar Gumballs

Kids in kindergarten through third grade can get hands-on with fun board games to enhance child language development. Grammar Gumballs helps children tackle more difficult concepts and words that young learners often struggle with. Students progress through the game and collect gumballs in exchange for answering questions and engaging in activities with present progressive verbs, irregular plurals, and other similar grammatical forms.

Memory Games

For kids all the way up to 8th grade, a combination of auditory and visual learning through video will stick with them. They love the computer anyway, so let's put it to some good use! HearBuilder Auditory Memory Software guides children through memorization of words, numbers and details. This game has numerous levels for kids of all ages, and is excellent for students who have trouble listening in class or difficulty recognizing words.

Fun ways to develop language with games and elementary activities for children of all ages

How do you enhance child language development?


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  1. i think it is so cool that the programs and the publications they make can be used with children that have disabilities, its not limited to everyday children, i like that the Editors are state-licensed, nationally-certified speech-language pathologists, special educators, teachers, and occupational therapists

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