Fun Christmas Activity Ideas For Families

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Odds are, this Christmas you will be spending a lot of time indoors. Here are some fun Christmas activity ideas to help your family enjoy the season!

What is your family's favorite thing to do during Christmas? It is a magical season and time best spent with your family and loved ones. That means you need ideas to make the most of the time spent together!

I have put this together to ensure that your family has an amazing time, just like do over here too!

Send Christmas Cards: Design and make the prettiest Christmas cards and send them to your friends and loved ones. here is how you can make the best Christmas cards in 5 steps.

Create Paper Snowflakes: Your kids would totally love engaging in this Christmas activity. Plus, if you have to step away and cook dinner or something for a minute, this is a great opportunity to get everyone busy and hands-on!

Make Christmas Cookies Together: This is one of my favorite Christmas activity ideas. My family always enjoys spending quality time in the kitchen together. The kitchen, they say, is where all the fun memories are made.

Watch Christmas Movies Together: If your family doesn't get enough screen time together, this holiday is a perfect opportunity to get everyone snuggled in with some good popcorn and do nothing but watch classic Christmas movies.

Make Christmas Gifts: If your family is anything like mine, then this is an activity you'll love to add to your list! My boys enjoy crafting with Cricut and I am always happy to join the party.

More Fun Christmas Activity Ideas:

  • Get Everyone Together To Sing Christmas Carols
  • Gather And Set Up Tents To Camp In The Living Room
  • Play Christmas Scavenger Hunts
  • Create A Kid Friendly Craft Or Make Bath Bombs Together
  • Read Out New Year Resolutions
  • Write Christmas Letters
  • Dress Up In Matching Outfits And Take Cute Christmas Pictures Together
  • Make More Christmas Ornaments To Decorate. Check out my list of Homemade Christmas Ornaments Your Family Will Love!
  • Play Board Games
  • Create A Puzzle
  • Sit and Share Stories by the Fireplace
  • Make Delicious Hot Cocoa
  • Watch Family Albums And Videos

Which of the Christmas activity ideas will your family be doing this holiday? Let me know!

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