Cricut Halloween Shirts for the Whole Family

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These easy Cricut Halloween family costumes are my favorite thing so far this season! If you have kids who don't get excited about full-body costumes, masks, or the itchy outfits that are often used for trick-or-treating, here's a solution.

Cricut halloween family

Make an easy Cricut Halloween shirt that can be paired with super-simple accessories for a kid-friendly family costume that mom and dad will love, too.

Cricut halloween shirt wanna hang vampire bat

Quick and easy, coordinating Infusible Ink shirts and a tote bag have funny sayings for the whole family in words that play off classic costumes like monster, zombie, vampire bat, cat and ghost. We've got a “MOMster,” a zombie whose snarky shirt says “Zombies eat brains – you're safe!,” a vampire bat who wants to hang, a very literal cat and a “Ghost – DUH!” Dad joins in with a tote bag that declares itself as his costume, so even the least outfit-enthused father can get in on the action.

Cricut halloween tote bag this counts as my costume

Add some cute hats for the monster and zombie, tattered wings for the bat, cat ears and that's it! You're good to go. Dad can carry the bag with no accessories needed. It's a good place to stash any family needs or…ya know…candy. Lots and lots of candy.

Cricut halloween shirt zombies eat brains you re safe

I think the zombie Cricut Halloween shirt is probably my fave. Our 8-year-old has been in a little bit of a snarky phase, and I'm loving his newfound humor. This is something I could totally see him saying to one of his little brothers in jest. All of the personalities we picked seem to match up with our kids' personalities – especially the 4-year-old who goes weeks on end claiming that he is a cat at heart.

Easy Cricut Halloween Shirts with EasyPress

Cat halloween shirt

I created the Cricut Halloween printable in Design Space using their built-in fonts and images. Somehow, I managed to squeeze six shirt/tote bag sayings onto one 12×12″ Infusible Ink sheet! This is a great way to save money and maximize material. I actually used a colorful rainbow strip at the bottom, which I simply trimmed down to fit the area where I had put the accenting designs.

Don't forget to print as a mirror image for Infusible Ink. Cut, move them around a bit to get placement right on the shirt, and you're ready to press. Lay a piece of butcher paper over your design and press with light pressure for 40 seconds at 385 degrees (peel it while warm, and preheat your base for 15 seconds).

Find our custom-created Halloween shirt template over on Cricut Design Space.

Making a shirt with cricut infusible ink and easypress

This could be done with vinyl, but I really like the feel and washable flexibility of Infusible Ink for kid stuff. That's what we used for our family vacation shirts and they've held up really well. Use the Cricut EasyPress to press the Cricut Halloween sayings onto your shirt blanks. Obviously, my Cricut Maker is my go-to for shirts, signs and pretty much any custom items in my household.

Cricut halloween momster shirt

Voila! Add some accessories (or not) and you're ready to go door-to-door. We used an old curtain for our bat cape, and then we turned to Amazon for a pre-made zombie hat, plus some googly eyes and a fuzzy headband for the monster eyes. The kitty cat hood used to belong to my sister and is a beloved accessory that gets passed around between family members often.

Cricut halloween shirt for toddler

We upsized the toddler's shirt a bit so it could kind of look like a ghost-ish form, but other than that there was no add-on necessary. Which is good, because toddlers are super finicky about what they'll wear. That's one of the reasons why Cricut Halloween shirts are the perfect solution for big families who may have a variety of preferences and sensitivities. A lot of families are so busy that they don't really have time to figure out a coordinating family costume set, or they don't want to spend money on a costume item that will only be used once and can't be worn on an everyday basis. Problem solved!

Would your family wear Cricut Halloween shirts?


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