I know I'm not the most loyal customer you have. I'm not always the most fashion-forward trendsetter, and I have a tendency to spill spaghetti sauce on the few designer outfits I do own. And I don't like spending a ton of money on clothes since my wonderful fiance occasionally switches the dryer setting to High so that everything looks like it belongs on a Barbie instead of a normal size 6 (okay so I'm an 8, whatever) woman. BUT, when I set my eye on something and really want it, I get it. This is how I feel about your Gucci Rush perfume.

gucci rush

I've worn Gucci Rush exclusively since I discovered it in high school. For a high school student to develop that kind of dedication to a $70 luxury item really says something. To me, that much money meant two full days of babysitting my neighbor's THREE children, who were each somehow less than a year apart. That's how much I loved Gucci Rush. There's just something enchanting about it. People have literally stopped me in the street to sniff me, insisting on knowing what I'm wearing. The unofficial Gucci Rush Facebook fan page has 957 fans. I'm sure somebody, somewhere, has dedicated a small shrine to Gucci Rush.

So a couple years ago when my friendly Macy's counter girl told me that Gucci Rush was discontinued, I was devastated. She said all of the Gucci Rush had been mysteriously pulled from the shelves and sent back to the warehouse. No warning, no signs, no forwarding address. A loss like this calls for a billboard or, at the very least, a full-page ad. I hit up every boutique perfume shop within a twenty mile radius and spent my life savings ($322, to be exact) stocking up on the now higher-priced “discontinued” Gucci Rush. That supply (plus a bottle graciously tracked down by the afore-mentioned wonderful fiance) has lasted me until now.

As the last few squirts eeked their way out of that final red Gucci Rush box, I turned to the internet to see how much it would cost me to replenish my supply. “This stuff must be like gold now,” I thought, imagining how much the scent of heaven might go for on the black market. Oddly, however, I found it at Sephora. And on Gucci's own website. And on Amazon…for half price. What the hell is going on here? Have I fallen into some sort of bizarro Gucci Rush mind-trap? Nope. Apparently, Gucci yanked the product from department stores nationwide only to later capitalize on the popular perfume through more lucrative retailers.

So I'm spreading the word. Hopefully the many women who have stopped me in elevators/grocery stores/doctor's offices and exclaimed, “Oh my god, is that Gucci Rush? Where did you get that?! I've been looking EVERYWHERE” can now rest easy. It's been a turbulent ride, my friends, but I truly hope that all the other Gucci Rush lovers out there can get past the overwhelming sense of betrayal/confusion and move on to what's really important: Amazon. Where we can now get Gucci Rush for half price.