Wood penguin ornament craftA couple years ago, I was browsing through the wood section of my craft store and was inspired with the idea for these adorable penguin ornaments. I made them for friends and family, and they were a huge hit! They were pretty easy to make, just a bit time-consuming to paint all the pieces (I made like 40 penguin ornaments so I had a whole conveyor belt of craftivity going on in my house for several hours!).

Wood pieces:  1 large oval, 2 small ovals, 1 medium circle, 1 medium heart, 1 small teardrop
Craft paint: red, yellow, black, white (“Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight”…aaah, good ol sunday school days. Anyone? No? Moving on…)
Pipe cleaners (I did red to be festive, but any color works)
Tiny fabric pom pom balls in a color matching the pipe cleaners
Craft glue
String/ribbon (if desired – for hanging)

Wood penguin ornament craft

1. Cut the tip of the wood teardrop piece off to form the penguin's beak.
2. Paint the heart and beak yellow, paint the ovals and circle black. Let dry.
3. Paint a white stomach on the large oval and a white face on the circle. Let dry.
4. Paint two black dots for eyes on the white circle.
5. Lightly dab the penguin's cheeks with red paint to make them look rosy (I cut a tiny circle in a piece of sponge for this).
6. Brush white paint on the pipe cleaners and two pom poms for a snowy effect. Let dry.
7. Glue the beak onto the circular face, the face onto the front (stomach side) of the large oval, the small ovals onto the front of the large oval, and the heart onto the back of the large oval as shown in the above picture. If desired, glue a piece of string or ribbon at the base of the penguin's neck, on the back side.
8. Trim pipe cleaners to size desired for scarf and earmuffs. Glue around neck and head.
9. Glue pom poms onto the side of the head, at the base of the pipe cleaner, to complete the earmuffs.
10. Paint the year on the back of the penguin, if desired.