DIY Popcorn Boxes

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Nate and I recently had a carnival-themed party for our friends and family where I made lots of fun fair decorations, including these DIY popcorn boxes.

diy popcorn box

They're really easy to make with just a sheet of 11 x 17″ cardstock, glue, scissors and a red pen. We keep this 11×17″ cardstock from Amazon around for random paper crafts and projects. It's pretty cheap, it's a great weight for both hand-folded projects as well as die cut crafts, and the large size means it's extra useful for a whole variety of projects I use to keep the kids busy.

DIY Popcorn Boxes
11 x 17″ white cardstock
Craft glue or a glue stick
Red marker
Decorative scissors (optional)

DIY popcorn boxes layout

First, measure the following dimensions on the 11 x 17″ piece of cardstock: a 3/8″ tab down the left hand 11″ side; four 4 1/8″ wide boxes along the top of the 17″ side (these will be 6 1/2″ long); and a box just beneath the furthest left-hand side box that is 4 1/8″ long and 4 1/8″ wide, with 3/8″ tabs surrounding it as shown. The area I shaded in grey will be cut out.

diy popcorn boxes pattern

Cut out the area that was shaded in grey above and fold the cardstock to form creases around the four 4 1/8″ top boxes, the lower 4 1/8″ box, and each of the tabs.

diy popcorn box tutorial

Flip the popcorn box pattern over and draw red stripes on the top four box sections. I drew mine slightly angling in towards the bottom to give it that tapered look that many popcorn boxes have.

diy popcorn boxes

If you have decorative scissors, you can add a nice touch by trimming the top of the four box sections with them.

diy popcorn box cardstock

Apply glue to the outside of all four tabs.

diy popcorn box folding

Fold all four of the upper box sections in around the lower box and press each tab against the edge to secure.

Popcorn box template

These make a cute decoration, pen holder, or can be used in a kitchen to display snacks like nuts or candy. These DIY popcorn boxes are also easy enough to make that you can fold enough of them to use as party favor holders for your next birthday party. They could be really fun for a movie night, a holiday viewing or perhaps a 4th of July backyard carnival-ish party. The options are endless!

And if you're looking for some popcorn to put in your boxes, Oma's got the very best homemade kettle corn recipe on the planet.

Have you ever made DIY popcorn boxes?


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