Paper Rosette Tutorial

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Paper Rosettes tutorial

Paper rosettes are a fun and easy craft to make for any holiday. This 4th of July, we're decorating around the house with a bunch of quick paper crafts that are easy to make. These paper rosettes take just a few minutes and can be made using everyday household items and craft supplies that you're bound to have around the house.

Paper Rosettes

Paper Rosette supplies

8 1/2 x 11″ paper, white and colored
Pipe cleaners or string

Paper Rosettes tutorial

Cut the paper into four strips lengthwise (each strip will be 2 1/8″).

Paper Rosettes instructions

Glue two of the colored strips and two white sheets end-to-end. I used Tacky Glue because that's what I happened to have on hand, but I think it would be easier with glue sticks.

DIY Paper Rosettes

Glue the long colored strip onto the center of the long white sheet. It's important that the colored strip is centered in the middle of the sheet.

Paper Rosettes accordion

Fold the paper up into an accordion by folding at approximately one-inch intervals as shown.

accordion Paper Rosettes

Crease the accordion in the middle and tie a pipe cleaner or string around the center.

Paper Rosettes fan

Fan the accordion shape out on both sides and glue the ends to themselves so that it forms a rosette shape.

These can be placed around a table as decorative centerpieces, or you can punch a hole to the top and string them from the roof. If you don't have colored paper, you can make plain white rosettes without gluing the colored paper in the middle. I like to make small ones by cutting the 8 1/2 x 11″ paper in half lengthwise, gluing end to end and completing the rosettes with that single piece of paper.


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