DIY Tree Wall Mural

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The nursery is slowly starting to come together, but it's been missing a major component: wall decor. We're not allowed to paint or wallpaper the walls in our apartment, so they're completely blank and boring.

nursery wall mural

See? Boring. Definitely a work in progress. I've found a couple wall decals online that can easily stick up and peel off without damaging the wall, but then I had a genius idea: I can make one myself. I had some leftover contact paper that I used for drawer liner and I'd heard of people crafting DIY wall murals with it.

DIY Wall Mural
Contact paper
Scotch tape
Plastic card (like an ID or credit card)

wall contact paper

Tape up a long piece of shelf liner and draw the outline of the main tree trunk. Since I had appliance outlets in the way, I cut away holes so that the paper could lay flat against the wall.

tree wall mural

DIY wall mural

Cut out the tree trunk and tape it loosely in place. Beginning from the bottom, peel up the backing and press the mural against the wall, using a credit card to squeeze out any air bubbles.

tree wall mural

Cut out tree branches and apply them as you did the trunk. Cut out small pieces of contact paper and place them around the tree where the leaves should go.

DIY wall mural

Draw leaves on the small pieces of contact paper, cut them out and affix around the wall mural.

Next, we get to tackle some shelving above the changing table. Apartments can be tricky to decorate, but a little creativity goes a long way. Our landlord won't ever know the difference, and we think the DIY wall mural really spruces up the nursery.


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