DIY Wedding Program Fans

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DIY wedding program fans

Welcome to day three of DIY Wedding Week! Yesterday we made DIY Wedding Table Numbers, and today we're using a lot of the same materials to make DIY wedding program fans. We decided that we didn't want a big program booklet since we're trying to keep everything short and sweet, and a program fan will help keep our guests cool in the middle of July. We printed our bridal party information with a short note to friends and family on the front, and used printed cardstock for the back side of the fan.

diy fans

Things you'll need:

Make custom wedding program fans yourself with cardstock and paint sticks. Also helps to keep guests cool when the weather is warm.

1)  Paint the stirrer sticks white.

2)  Trim the colored cardstock and the patterned cardstock to 8″ by 5″.

3)  In Microsoft Word, click File>Page Settings>Paper. Change the height to 8″ and the width to 5″. Type the names of your bridal party along with whatever message you want to appear on the fan. Print this onto the wedding-colored cardstock. Ours said something along the lines of this:

Welcome to the wedding celebration of
Chelsea Nicole and Nathaniel Day
July 10, 2010
Mount Soledad
La Jolla, California

Billy Bob Thornton

Best Man                              Maid of Honor
Joe Montana                            Angelina Jolie

Groomsmen                              Bridesmaids
Kevin Spacey                              Britney Spears
Kevin Federline                        Beyonce Knowles
John Goodman                         Jennifer Garner

Flower Girl                              Ring Bearer
Mulan                                       Stitch

We would like to express our gratitude to our parents
for their love and guidance throughout our lives.
We also thank our friends and family
for joining us today and sharing our joy.
We ask God's blessing on our marriage.

4)  Lay the patterned piece of cardstock face-down on a table, apply hot glue to a paint stirrer stick, and glue the stick to the cardstock.

wedding program fans

5) Apply hot glue around the edge of the cardstock, and lay your program cardstock piece down to complete the fan.

wedding program fan

diy wedding program

That's it! I put ours in a basket for the ushers to hold (or set on a table, because all of the fans together is actually pretty heavy).

wedding program fan


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  1. I can't believe it! When you're back on your blog you'll be a Mrs. I really hope you had time to take pictures of all the beautiful crafts you lovingly made for you special day — and if not you, hopefully a photographer did!

    Have a wonderful honeymoon, and post, post, post when you get back!!!

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