Here’s What to Do about Dog Motion Sickness

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Our newest little pup is battling some serious dog motion sickness. Seeing as how we travel constantly and she comes with us everywhere, it's a big problem. I don't mind cleaning up piles of dog vomit, but I feel bad for her poor little stomach! We're working with Zoetis today to show how we're helping Freya feel better.

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Know What to Look For

We recently took Freya to Austin, a nearly 20-hour drive from our home in San Diego. I noticed that she was sleeping and drooling a LOT, but she's still fairly young. I chalked it up to being a young, hungry, sleepy puppy…until we got her out of the car and she puked in the hotel lobby. That's when I realized she had a serious issue that I kept writing off as an age thing or a character quirk! What I’ve learned is that I’m not alone, because it’s common to miss the signs and dismiss them as something else.

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Not sure if your dog is feeling sick in the car? Signs of motion sickness aren't necessarily limited to JUST vomiting or dry heaving. If your dog is excessively licking their lips, panting a lot, acting lethargic OR restless, shaking, whining or yawning then they could be experiencing dog motion sickness. To see if your dog may suffer from motion sickness, take this handy quiz and bring it to your veterinarian.

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Don't Abandon the Idea of Going Out

I've had friends whose dogs have suffered with dog motion sickness, and they're just like, “Yeah, I can't take my pup anywhere because he gets sick.” Would you stop going out if you got sick? No! You'd see a doctor and find a solution, right? Right. Same applies to the pups.

See a Veterinarian, STAT

According to a motion sickness and omnibus aversion study, nearly half of dog owners say their dog experiences motion sickness symptoms when traveling in the car. Know that dog motion sickness is a highly-common issue with a super-simple solution! Zoetis has the first and only FDA-approved medication called Cerenia® (maropitant citrate) which can safely and effectively treat vomiting in dogs and prevent vomiting due to motion sickness in dogs. However, Cerenia may not be right for all dogs . I found it to be a convenient and reliable once-daily dose that provides 24-hour relief in a tablet formulation and unlike a lot of other medicines you may have tried from the drug store, it DOES NOT cause drowsiness.

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That last one is really important to me, because we're actually training Freya as a service dog. We rely on her to be alert! She's also part of the family, so it's important to me to treat her just as I would any family member. When she's sick, she gets help just as quickly as me or Nate or the kids would. Same goes for all our pets. I remember we once rushed a dog to the vet on Mother's Day…in Wyoming. He needed help and it was important, end of story.

dog with car sickness

Know that Dog Motion Sickness isn't Just Cars

Dog motion sickness can occur in any moving vessel: planes, trains, boats, bu ses, moving walkways. I once started feeling queasy on an escalator, so you can imagine how much more extreme all these moving experiences are for small dogs who are closer to the ground!

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With the summer travel season and TONS of holiday weekends coming up quickly, now is the best time to seek help so you're prepared when dog motion sickness strikes. Hop on over to your friendly family veterinarian (I always ask neighbors for references when I'm unsure who to go to) and ask whether a Cerenia prescription is right for your dog, so you'll be ready to tackle any adventure with your buddy along for the ride.

Has your family ever dealt with dog motion sickness?

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: CERENIA Tablets are Indicated for acute vomiting in dogs 8 weeks and older, and for prevention of vomiting due to motion sickness in dogs 16 weeks and older. Safe use has not been evaluated in cats and dogs with gastrointestinal obstruction, or those that have ingested toxins. Use with caution in cats and dogs with hepatic dysfunction. Pain/vocalization upon injection is a common side effect. In people, topical exposure may elicit localized allergic skin reactions, and repeated or prolonged exposure may lead to skin sensitization. See full Prescribing Information:

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