30 Ideas for Filling Jumbo Easter Eggs

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How is it possible that we're almost a quarter of the way through this year? Seriously, where IS time going?

Jumbo Easter eggs

I actually have an answer to that. For me, the time is being gobbled up by my cute little baby. He's four months old now! I had him, then came Thanksgiving and Christmas and everyone's birthdays and – BAM – here comes Easter. Hippity-hopping its way towards unprepared little me. And with three older children counting down the days to that oh-so-anticipated Sunday morning, I'd best get my tail in gear to avoid a last-minute scramble.

Never fear, the internet is here to save the day! In a couple quick clicks, the Easter Bunny can get his (or her?) ducks in a row. This handy-dandy list includes everything a kid could want for an epically-awesome spring holiday, all tucked away in a convenient little package.

Jumbo Easter eggs

I've seen jumbo Easter eggs sold pre-filled at the grocery store, but I much prefer to buy my own and stuff them with things that are educational and customized for my own kids. I like the size, store-ability and price of these 8-inch by 4-inch eggs. These are great for filling ahead of time and stashing out of sight, or even mailing! If you're looking for something really large, Amazon has also 10-inch by 7-inch ones with handles or those same ones are also available at Target with smaller eggs included inside!

Here are my favorite Easter gifts for the kids:

  1. LEGOs
  2. Bathing suit, goggles or sunglasses, and sunscreen
  3. Flip-flops (toddler size 10 is the largest that will fit in the 8-inch eggs)
  4. Gardening gloves and seeds
  5. An outfit
  6. Action figures
  7. Stuffed animal
  8. Pajamas
  9. Hair chalk
  10. Blocks
  11. Sidewalk chalk
  12. Jump rope and bubbles
  13. Toothbrush, flossers and toothpaste
  14. Scratch Art notes and Wikki Stix
  15. A Blu-ray
  16. Dress up outfit
  17. Magnetic maze
  18. Whoopee Cushions and Silly Putty
  19. Slinkies and Koosh balls
  20. Toy cars
  21. Airplanes
  22. Travel games
  23. Bath toys
  24. Tea set
  25. Pool toys such as dive sticks and splash bombs
  26. Barrel of Monkeys
  27. Dinosaur or animal figurines
  28. Finger puppets
  29. Kaleidoscope
  30. Book set
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Stay tuned! In the next couple weeks, I'll be sharing another alternative to Easter baskets and some Waldorf-inspired toy ideas.

What did you get in your Easter baskets as a kid?


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