30 Ideas for Filling Jumbo Easter Eggs

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Stuffed with chocolate and toys, Easter eggs are always a hit with kids. But what if you could make that beloved pastime BIGGER? That's right, we're talking about jumbo Easter eggs!

Jumbo Easter eggs

I feel like we just got through the holidays (which around here is also Easter season) and then Valentine's Day – and BAM – here comes Easter. Hippity-hopping its way towards unprepared little me. And with eager kids counting down the days to that oh-so-anticipated Sunday morning, I'd best get my tail in gear to avoid a last-minute scramble.

Never fear, the internet is here to save the day! In a couple quick clicks, the Easter Bunny can get his (or her?) ducks in a row. This handy-dandy list includes everything a kid could want for an epically-awesome spring holiday, all tucked away in a convenient little package.

Jumbo Easter eggs

Kids love classic Easter eggs, but they really love custom ones. For kids and parents, this list of ideas for bigger, better eggs is sure to be a hit.

I've seen jumbo Easter eggs sold pre-filled at the grocery store, but I much prefer to buy my own and stuff them with things that are educational and customized for my own kids. I like the size, store-ability and price of these 7-inch eggs. These are great for filling ahead of time and stashing out of sight, or even mailing!

Here are my favorite ways to fill jumbo Easter eggs:

  1. LEGOs
  2. Bathing suit, goggles or sunglasses, and sunscreen
  3. Flip-flops (toddler size 10 is the largest that will fit in the 7-inch eggs)
  4. Gardening gloves and seeds
  5. An outfit
  6. Action figures
  7. Stuffed animal
  8. Pajamas
  9. Hair chalk
  10. Blocks
  11. Sidewalk chalk
  12. Jump rope and bubbles
  13. Toothbrush, flossers and toothpaste
  14. Scratch Art notes and Wikki Stix
  15. A Blu-ray
  16. Dress up outfit
  17. Magnetic maze
  18. Whoopee Cushions and Silly Putty
  19. Slinkies and Koosh balls
  20. Toy cars
  21. Airplanes
  22. Travel games
  23. Bath toys
  24. Tea set
  25. Pool toys such as dive sticks and splash bombs
  26. Barrel of Monkeys
  27. Dinosaur or animal figurines
  28. Finger puppets
  29. Kaleidoscope
  30. Book set
30 ways to fill jumbo easter eggs

More Jumbo Easter Egg Ideas

Got extra jumbo Easter eggs laying around? There are a ton of fun ideas for how to use them!

Easter Crafts

Use your Cricut Machine (the Cricut Joy is my fave!) to customize your jumbo Easter eggs. You could even upcycle them into decorations for other holidays or gifts. Paint them like giant strawberries and create a strawbeery cookie and jam gift package. Use them for planters or terrariums, or as the frame for a quick DIY piñata.

You could even use one to serve as the “balloon” for a creative hot air balloon decor for your kids' room. Why not paint them, glue them together and add accessories to create the form for a big piece of wall art? Use the mold as a form for a big handmade candle. You could even use them as kitchen molds, to create a gigantic chocolate egg or rice krispie treat cake!

Easter Games

Turn your jumbo Easter eggs into fun games! Create a carnival game by super-gluing half of each egg onto a card table or large board and trying to land ping pong balls or bean bags in them for prizes. You could also create a memory game by filling the eggs with an assortment of random objects to lay out on a table with a group and seeing who can recall the most in a minute. Or help kids learn their alphabet by filling the eggs with items that start with specific letters to help them learn their ABCs through “letter of the day” practice.

How to Hide Jumbo Easter Eggs

At our house, the Easter bunny leaves jumbo Easter eggs out on the kitchen table, the mantle, or the coffee table in lieu of baskets. I suppose they could also be hidden in creative places just like traditional Easter eggs, too! They could be stuck in drawers, under the couch, in the bath tub. Fillable eggs and plastic Easter eggs don't need to be of the small variety for an egg hunt. The sky's the limit!

If you're looking for more Easter ideas, check out our ideas for non candy Easter egg fillers as well as our tips for giving Waldorf Easter gifts.

What did you get in your Easter baskets as a kid?


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