33 Non Candy Easter Egg Fillers

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Looking for non candy Easter egg fillers that will make their faces light up? We have the best kid-tested ideas for all ages to celebrate this spring!

Non-candy Easter egg fillers from the grocery store

Most of these ideas can even be found at the local grocery store. How do I know? I nabbed all of these non candy Easter egg fillers for my own kids one year when we were totally pressed for time.

We'd actually been sick all week and dropped in to get some medicine when I looked up and exclaimed, “Oh my God, Easter's happening in 12 hours!” No time to go anywhere else. No time to prep. Full-blown last-minute spring grocery store sprint.

For those who are wondering how that year turned out, it was actually a BLAST seeing my kids' little faces light up over the silly little things I gathered. Band-Aids and stickers and crackers. You can absolutely pull together a fun celebration full of non candy Easter egg fillers with one quick trip to your local grocery store.

It does not have it be a completely candy-filled morning! In fact, if you make use of the multi-size eggs (they make small, medium, and even jumbo Easter eggs) your kids can have a phenomenal Easter with tons of unique sensory play and no sugar overload! Without further ado, here are my favorite picks for non candy Easter egg fillers. Come along with me and see what kid-friendly goodies lay ahead.

Non Candy Easter Egg Fillers for All Ages

Non-candy Easter egg fillers from the grocery store

Office Supplies

If you've spent any time in the office supply aisle with your kids, you know it's a child's dream spot. Pens and notebooks and folders, oh my! My boys geed out over this stuff even more than I do – and that's saying something! In addition to finding non candy Easter egg fillers, this is a good place to nab some stuff for the Easter basket or just stock up on fun trinkets for a rainy day.

  • Post-It Flags
  • Fridge magnets
  • Decorative file clips
  • Erasers
  • Washi tape
  • Stamps
Non-candy Easter egg fillers from the grocery store

Party Supply

  • Stickers
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Confetti
  • Candles. We like to make muffins for Easter, and the kids blow the candles out on the muffins. Strange tradition, but it works for us!
  • Balloons
Non-candy Easter egg fillers from the grocery store

Non Candy Easter Egg Fillers that are Still Tasty Treats

We love stocking up on non-candy treats and goodies for holidays, car rides, afterschool snacks, you name it!

  • Yogurt-covered almonds
  • Freeze-dried fruit
  • Cereal pieces
  • Mini pretzels
  • Crackers
  • Raisins
  • Popcorn
Non-candy Easter egg fillers from the grocery store


You can buy lots of fun little toys online, or locally! Our local market has a little toy section adjacent to the party supply stuff. They also keep toys in the seasonal area and on small displays throughout the store.

  • Jacks and bouncy balls
  • Hot Wheels
  • Magic grow creatures
  • Silly Putty (usually this already comes in an egg, so that's a double-win!)
  • Crush balls
Non-candy Easter egg fillers from the grocery store


  • Band-Aids. Our boys are totally into Star Wars, so we pick out the themed ones for them. They're not usually allowed to mess around in the medicine cabinet, so they get super-excited at the idea of having their own limited supply for playing doctor. If your child is big on pretend play, you may even want to get some gauze and a mini first aid kit for the Easter basket.
  • Lip balm
  • Flossers
Non-candy Easter egg fillers from the grocery store

Random Extras

That time I had to get non candy Easter egg fillers at the market, I discovered that our grocery store has helpful accessory racks on each aisle. They're chock full of toys and goodies and other random items. They aren't necessarily things that gets stocked in any particular section, but they're super-helpful for keeping kids entertained or even organizing your home. This is where we found a bunch of toys and other knick-knacks that fit perfectly into an Easter egg.

  • Mini rubber duckies
  • Small Cloth Snack Bags
  • Nail polish
  • Spring seeds
  • Keychains
  • Hair clips
  • Shoe laces or twine
Non-candy Easter | Easter eggs

Obviously, some of these non candy Easter egg fillers are more for older children while some are better for little toddler hands. We have a late-night egg-stuffing session (while binging on some Netflix or Hulu, and maybe some Cadbury Eggs because we deserve a treat) and then we keep them in separate bags to make it easier to hide.

Tips for Hiding Easter Eggs

The non-toddler-friendly stuff goes in one bag and gets hidden in tree branches, up high and in more complicated areas while the little-kid goodies are in more blatant hiding spots. A quick conversation with the older kids about fairness and participation helps make the morning fun for all! You can also color-coordinate and designate one color for one kid, one color for another kid, etc. Or put initials on the bottom of each egg, let it be a free-for-all hunt, and then divvy them up before everyone opens them together.

We also hide coins in eggs for the older kids as well, which we get from grocery store by simply asking for change. It's a great way to start introducing them to the idea of saving and spending, and they look forward to a trip back to the grocery store to pick out a trinket or two with their coins.

Have you ever made a point to get non candy Easter egg fillers?


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