The Freshest Pet Food for our Family Dog

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We have another family dog making the rounds here at the farm house! Sweet little Freya is an adopted German Shepherd mix of some sort. I'm planning to do a test at some point to determine her dog breed since people constantly ask what she is. One thing we did learn about her quite quickly is that she requires fresh pet food. Today, we're sponsored by Freshpet to share all about fresh pet food!

dog eating fresh pet food

Fresh Pet Food is best for All Pets

We have a bit of limited information on Freya. We know that when was turned over to a shelter by a family that loved her immensely but couldn't keep her. We're told that they spoiled her to bits, dressing her up in little puppy sweaters and tutus. I am SO going to continue that tradition. And they also fed her fresh pet food, because that's what's best for pets. The boys have tried to sneak her human treats on occasion and we've learned quickly that she has kind of a sensitive tummy. Fresh pet food is what we feed most of our animals at this point, and it's just what a dog like her needs.

Fresh pet food also just looks better. When you open the package, it looks just like ingredients that I would toss into a stew for my kids. It makes sense to me to feed our pets like I would feed my own family. After all, our pets ARE family. Anecdotally, we've found that this food even helps reduce our pup's dog motion sickness.

dog owner holding dog food by refrigerator

The Best Fresh Pet Food

We've done a lot of research about fresh pet food, and we've found that the best one is aptly named. Freshpet! It's made with fresh, whole ingredients, gently cooked without preservatives, and kept in the fridge where meat belongs.

Feeding your Dog Fresh Pet Food

Feeding fresh pet food is totally straightforward. You buy it in the refrigerated section at the store and keep it in your fridge at home, feeding roughly the same amount of food as whatever kibble you were feeding before. There are detailed instructions of the back of the bag. We put it in the exact same bowl that would otherwise be used for kibble, too. I've actually found that our animals eat a bit less when we feed them fresh pet food, probably because they're getting the nutrients they need and aren't constantly seeking more nutrition.

freshpet pet food

We put Freshpet in Freya's bowl and make her sit, waiting to eat until we say, “Okay.” That's our habit with most of our animals: we feel that they create a stronger bond with us if they realize that we are providing for them and we're in control of the food. The stomach and the heart are tied together, as they say!

Side note: puppies are like babies in that they eat a lot, sleep a lot and poop a lot. Freya falls asleep sitting up on occasion, and it's pretty dang funny.

german shepherd puppy looking at food bowl

Yes, you. I'm talking about you.

dog looking protective of fresh pet food

Freya is quick to get pissy with the cats, who like to peek into her bowl and sniff around and act perpetually interested in what she's doing at mealtime. But they can chill, because they get their own fresh pet food, too. That's right! Freshpet makes cat food in addition to dog food. Everybody wins.

Are you looking to feed your family dog or cat fresh pet food? You can get more info about Freshpet here, learn about why it's the best, and learn where to buy at their store locator!


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