The Little Gray Bathroom Makeover

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red bathroom
Avert your eyes!

Remember our ridiculously RED bathroom? Well…now it's our gray bathroom!

Our Little Gray Bathroom

gray bathroom

Phew, that's better. My mom, sister, brother-in-law and I attacked this bathroom with some serious primer and gave it a fresh new coat of gray. The previous owners had pretty much splattered that red color all over the place. It was overlapping all of the shower tiles and I had to get in there with a paint chipper before we could even think about a new color. It was a mess. The old stuff literally peeled up in strips, taking bits of the underlying wall with it, which then had to be patched and sanded.

gray bathroom

I do think our little gray bathroom is a little too gray, to be honest, but at least I can wrap my head around this room now. I'm going to slowly bring it back to life with some accent colors here and there. I'll probably put up a cheery yellow or turquoise shower curtain and maybe paint the mirror frame.

bathroom clutter

This weird shelving unit is still up in lieu of a medicine cabinet. I'm not sure how I feel about having all our toiletries on display, but at least they're accessible.

gray bathroom lighting

I love this light fixture that the previous owners installed. It's nice and bright, and the speckled bulb covers add a little interest to the otherwise rather boring white and gray bathroom.

gray bathroom hardware update

They had these weird cabinet knobs in here, which seemed far better suited to a child's room. I've stowed those away for later and updated these to some shiny new knobs from the Martha Stewart collection.

shower curtain before and after

This is another one of those nit-picky details that would have slowly driven me nuts. The bronze shower curtain rod totally didn't match the polished metal throughout the rest of the room. We swapped that out for a shiny new one that matches the gray bathroom much better.

gray bathroom

It's so much calmer in here now. I no longer feel all amped-up every time I have to pee.

gray bathroom update

We also added these towel hangers to the back of the door. There was nowhere to hang bath towels in here before! The owners had installed towel hangers on the backs of all the bedroom doors. I'm guessing everyone just hung their towels up in their bedrooms? Is this a normal thing that people do?? Call me old-fashioned, but I always thought towels were supposed to stay in the bathroom.

gray bathroom accents

This sun tile fixture is a slight point of contention for me. It's not so much that I mind the pattern, but the tiles are mis-aligned with the decorative towel rack below. It irks me to no end. Things like this should be centered! It's all I can do to keep from chipping all the tiles out and starting over. Nate and I have actually talked about totally upgrading this bathroom with a new shower (the tub is chipped, anyway) and just starting fresh. That'll happen eventually, but for now I'm doing my best to work with our little gray bathroom. Any suggestions?

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