What is KOA Camping?

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We have been traveling SO MUCH lately. Our latest adventure was a fun one where traditional camping met modern amenities.

KOA Camping in San Diego

san diego KOA interior cabin

When I was first invited to go KOA camping, I looked at the hefty list of amenities with a bit of skepticism. Gaming areas, community activities, warm showers and hot tubs and BEDS. “This is NOT camping!” I exclaimed aloud. And then it occurred to me: maybe that's a good thing. After our van camping trip, I was seriously ready for a little more pampering and a little less roughing it. KOA camping puts the emphasis on the “camp” and less on the “-ing.” More enjoyment with less work. A chance for a little break. A moment of relaxation with the kids.

KOA camping cabin

We headed to the San Diego Metro KOA camping area down in Chula Vista and were blown away by the pristine grounds and everything the place had to offer. As much as I'm into camping, how did I not know this was here?! They were voted Campground of the Year in 2013, and it's not hard to see why.

san diego KOA

We stayed in a Deluxe Cabin, with tons of space to spread out. We had our own kitchen, bathroom, living room, two bedrooms and a loft. And before you accuse me of getting TOO far away from the traditional camping experience, don't worry…there was a fire ring outside and we took full advantage of it.

san diego KOA shooting range

Since this KOA camping experience is in San Diego, it's only fitting that the place incorporate a little beachy flavor. They had this cute tiki-theme shooting range where Nate practiced his quick draw skills.

KOA camping playground

The kids had a blast on multiple playgrounds, which were clean enough that I even felt comfortable letting Some Boy run around barefoot. The campground also features organized events for the whole family, with fun games and activities like bingo, bounce houses, movie nights and rock climbing. It gives the whole family that true old-fashioned summer camp experience.

biking at KOA camping campground in san diego

San Diego KOA camping lets visitors rent fun vehicles to tootle around on. We toured the place in a sweet surrey with a fringe on top. They also have an on-site store with totally reasonable pricing on everything you could possibly need, from coolers to sunscreen to microwave meals.

KOA camping Kamp K9

There's plenty of room for pets to roam, too, and San Diego KOA camping even features Kamp K9, a dedicated pet playground.

KOA camping kitchen

They make it easy for people of any camping inclination to find their sweet spot with KOA camping. Traditional camping, rent-a-tents, safari tents, RVs and cabins are all available. For those in the tent areas, the KOA Kitchen offers a handy spot to get your grill on!

KOA san diego pool

And what KOA camping experience would be complete without a dip in the pool? Or the hot tub. Whatever.

KOA camping landscaping

I told Nate that I'm thoroughly spoiled now, and I think KOA camping may just become a new tradition for us. Until next time, Chula Vista!

Have you ever gone KOA camping?


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  1. This looks right up my alley, as I do not do camping. I’m a hotel kinda gal. But this looks totally doable. Would have never guessed.

  2. I went to come link up today and saw you were traveling! Have a fantastic time! KOA camping looks awesome!! Enjoy!

  3. my family went KOA camping last summer when they traveled cross country to visit my brother. They made it sound like a lot of fun, and still a “camping” experience. I want to try it one of these summers. Maybe next year. Who knows it might just be the luxury hubby needs to “camp” with me, lol.

  4. I’ve wanted to go camping but since having kids I keep making excuses with the lack of amenities and little ones needing the comforts of homes. This looks like the perfect compromise!

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