Candy Trail Mix for your leftover Halloween Treats

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chopped snickers and Twix

Oh, Halloween. Time for sugary sweets and spooky spiked punch. This haunted holiday makes me happy. You know what else makes me happy? Candy trail mix.

Candy Trail Mix


  • 2 cups Mixed Fun Size MARS Variety Pack candy the kind with Twix, Snickers and M&Ms are my favorite
  • 1 cup chopped dates
  • 1 cup mixed nuts


  • Blend half of the nuts on high briefly to create some chunky nut powder. Don't go too long, or you'll wind up with nut butter.
  • Dice candy and mix with nut powder.
  • Add remaining nuts and dates.

Candy Trail Mix: What to do with Leftover Halloween Candy

ground Snickers

Snickers alone are pretty awesome. But there's nothing quite like getting a handful of Snickers, Twix AND M&M's all in one bite. I like to dice up my Halloween treats and make a candy trail mix out of it, so I get a plethora of perfection in every handful.

candy trail mix #shop

Adding the dates makes me feel like I have a legit trail mix as opposed to just a bowl full of candy, and the blended nuts add some texture in there and stick to the cut candy pieces so it doesn't all just become a sticky mess.

Tell me, how does your family make this holiday their own?


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