Life Hack: Portable Wine

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I was on a party bus a couple months ago and saw this GENIUS idea for serving wine. Cupcake pan + cups = portable wine party! I would totally do this with red plastic cups because that's how I roll.

This would be genius for tailgating events, too. Or even for a low-key backyard wedding. Someone can just walk around with all the wine cups and be the most popular person at the party. Hey, the big game is coming up!

And for those of you wondering how often I find myself on party buses, the answer is “not as often as I'd like.” I was on a press trip to Niagara Falls, checking out the world of travel writing since we've been venturing more into family travel experiences lately. Because wrangling a toddler and a baby at home isn't challenging enough, let's take this show on the road!

Anyone else getting cabin fever lately?

Next up for us is New Orleans and Jefferson Parish. I wonder if the Big Easy will welcome my brood with a cupcake platter of wine. I'll probably need it after the flight over. Although I could always get one of those wine bras to get me through. Shhhhh, TSA will never notice.


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