Paleo Valentine’s Day

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Just when you thought the holidays were over…here comes the sugary-sweet indulgences of Valentine's Day. Never fear, gluten-free and sugar-free friends. We’re curating our favorite Paleo Valentine's Day finds from around the web. Doughnuts, cookies, fruit and tarts abound.

Paleo Valentine's Day

I've tried SO many recipes from blogs through the years and had a lot of them fail, which is super-frustrating because on a big day like Valentine's Day, you just need something that works! The below are all ones that I've personally made and had success with. This includes my go-to sugar cookie recipe and basic fudgy brownies. Sometimes you just want something sweet and familiar on this holiday, ya know? And I love that I was able to track down some favorite classics like linzer hearts, thumbprint cookies and strawberry shortcake! There's plenty of strawberries represented here, as well as pomegranate and raspberries aplenty.

I usually opt for the pots de creme or the chocolate-covered bacon hearts. As you can tell, there's a trend here. I REALLY like chocolate. I also really like fruit, but Nate's not so big on it so I try to stick to things where I can easily make something non-fruity while I'm at it. For example, if I'm making a fruit pie I can take the pie crust and make pinwheels in a flash! For fruit-filled chocolate cups, I can just fill his with something different. For a parfait, I can swap the fruit out of his in favor of a creamy layer. The sky's the limit when you're doing stuff homemade!

What are you all making for Valentine's Day? Got any favorite Paleo Valentine's Day recipes?


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5 thoughts on “Paleo Valentine’s Day”

  1. If I were really committed I’d try the brown velvet cupcakes – but I have a feeling I’ll never make it that far in the kitchen ; ) The simple dish of raspberries is more my style haha! It is kind of a bummer that the kids’ school does not allowed for homemade treats to be brought in for safety reasons – it has to be all store bought.

  2. It looks like a group of delicious items for Valentine’s Day. I am trying to make healthier choices so I definitely am pinning this!

  3. Hi Chelsea, the dark chocolate fruit hearts so yummy. I am gonna try and cook it with my wife this Valentine. Wish me luck.

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