Dress like Lloyd from The LEGO NINJAGO Movie for Halloween

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Nate and the boys were invited by Warner Bros. Pictures to go to the Legoland press junket for The LEGO NINJAGO Movie last week. I was up in San Francisco helping my sister move to her new apartment (more on that later) but I had so much fun ogling all their pictures from afar. They got to play around with some Master Builders and meet actors like Dave Franco, Justin Theroux and Michael Peña.

The LEGO NINJAGO Movie with Jackie Chan The extensive footage of my children totally ignoring Jackie Chan was my favorite thing ever. Apparently they didn't recognize him in-person as his role of Master Wu.

The LEGO NINJAGO Movie characters

That's more like it.

Fun fact? Jackie Chan also helped choreograph the fight scenes!

The LEGO NINJAGO ride at Legoland California

The boys also got to ride on the LEGO NINJAGO ride at Legoland and stay at the incredible Legoland hotel in Carlsbad, so it was a whole NINJAGO weekend.

Posing with Dave Franco for The LEGO NINJAGO movie

At one point, the kids all dressed up like Lloyd (the main character from LEGO NINJAGO) and posed with Dave Franco, who lends his expertise as the voice for the movie.

Dressed like Lloyd from The LEGO NINJAGO movie

The “costume” was the simplest thing ever. We were instructed to bring the kids in all black, and then the staff handed out green sweatbands and black bandanas to complete the ensemble. BOOM. Ninja status!

Dressed like Lloyd from The LEGO NINJAGO movie with an all-black outfit and simple green sweatband

If you're really looking to get into character, I also found a LEGO NINJAGO pajama set in green and red at Target and a Cole and Kai hoodie on Amazon.

Lloyd the green ninja

You can see all the characters on the LEGO NINJAGO Movie website for more inspiration.

Garmadon The LEGO NINJAGO Movie

I'm thinking a bamboo hat and white robe could be used for a parent to pull off Master Wu, and some sort of bull headband hack in conjunction with a blue puffer vest for Lord Garmadon.

The LEGO NINJAGO movie cast

The movie comes out in theaters on September 22nd. This is why I never commit to a Halloween costume until at least the beginning of October. Just last week, they were begging to be Batman (from The LEGO Batman Movie, of course).

The LEGO NINJAGO Movie playset

I also have a strong feeling there are going to be a lot of LEGO sets on our Christmas lists this year.

Are your kids as obsessed with the LEGO movie series as ours are?


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