Manly Valentines (14 Free Printables!)

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Nate and I aren't particularly big on the sappiest holiday of the year, but these manly Valentine's are impossible to resist. If you're like us and couldn't care less about commercially-hyped flowers, this is what you need! Skip the chocolates and sit out on fighting Valentine's Day crowds.

We occasionally do small, personalized things on this day just to remind each other that we're paying attention and thinking about the other person. Manly valentines are one of my ways of showing Nate that I love him. Because he's one of the manliest dudes I know, and pink hearts just aren't his style.

14 Manly Valentines Printables

Simply click any of the card images below to be directed to a printable PDF version of it. Print one of these manly valentines out on white cardstock paper and write your own love note on the inside for a personal touch that's way better than any Hallmark.

tiger manly valentines

For the animal lover. For those that do give gifts on Valentine's Day, how cute would this be to give with a zoo membership? Here in San Diego, memberships to the zoo are a pretty common gift for holidays of all kind.

beer holder manly valentines

For the beer lover! Our pal Brian has been working his way through all the beers of the world. He cracked up when I showed him these manly valentines.

so hot manly valentines

Starbucks, anyone? A nice dark brew is perfect for manly valentines.

skip a meat manly valentines

For those looking for manly valentines with a bit of a new spin on the traditional. Gift this with a special package from Omaha Steaks, or try your hand at some homemade beef jerky.

quite a catch manly valentines

Nate's been talking about going to nab some fish for quite some time. I'd love to give him this with a fly pole.

nuts a bolt you manly valentines

For the tool lover. I once got Nate a drill for Christmas. It's definitely the gift he's gotten the most use out of.

grip on my heart manly valentines

Another tool-themed one.

float my boat manly valentines

How about a kayaking trip? We once kayaked on Kauai. And when I say we, I mean Nate. He did all the paddling while I observed the scenery. It was awesome.

fixin to be manly valentines

I obviously have a thing for tools.

dig you manly valentines

Now this would be great for all the dudes with green thumbs. Or even just those who feel compelled to dig holes in their backyard. Gift this with a shovel and see what creative ideas your man comes up with! I bought Nate a shovel awhile back and it was seriously like giving a little boy a Tonka truck. I've never seen someone so excited over a tool. He's already dug a trench for our new propane tank, a sandbox pit for the boys, and dug up some unwanted dead trees on our property.

crazy manly valentines

For the car-lover. I would totally gift this with a day-long motorcycle rental, Nascar tickets or racing classes.

brighter with you manly valentines

Maybe give this with some new lighting for his office?

big fan manly valentines

I don't know about giving someone a fan, but I think this is cute. I can see Nate totally smiling to himself if he woke up to find this sitting on the kitchen table on Valentine's Day. Because he always wakes up before me. What? I'm up every night with the baby!

belt out manly valentines

I was initially thinking that these manly valentines would be good to go along with a belt, and then Nate started giggling as I designed it. Apparently it comes off a little kinky. So for all you Fifty Shades fans…here ya go.

How about fun date ideas? Do you have any manly Valentines Day plans in the works for your husband or significant other?


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