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Plaid is rad

It's almost my third baby's first birthday, and I'm kind of in shock. I know that people say time flies when you have kids, but there is literally a stack of paperwork sitting on my desk that's been there since last Christmas.

Hopefully there aren't any important bills hanging out in there.

Oh well.

Little by little... quote

You know how I designate a verse of the year? The year 2013 was  all about qualities I strive for, 2014 was about remaining steadfast and 2015 was about rejoicing in each day. I can't necessarily say that I lived up to that last one. I did let certain tedious things wear me down, time and time again remarking about the minutia. I'm only now starting to really emerge from setbacks that happened very early in the year. The big takeaway? I can't control everything else, but I am capable of small positive changes each day that can also add up in a big way.

I can reach out, grab hold of my own life and guide its direction. It's up to me to be cognizant, to see stumbling blocks and to reach out when I (inevitably) need help.

Plaid is rad

This season is bringing about peace and calm and a renewal of our spirits. Nate snapped this picture of me the other day, and it perfectly describes our lives. Nate and I seem to be standing still as our little family whirs around us. It's not a bad thing, and it's absolutely nothing to be stopped. We just need to adjust and figure out exactly where we hop on this merry-go-round. We haven't quite mastered when it's time for a push and when we need to slow down.

We're still working with UltraShape on the physical progress. As I've mentioned, step one for me is getting back in shape physically while we continue strengthening our family, our home and our professional lives. I have assistants to help me with my marketing stuff, a contractor to do things around the house, and UltraShape to hit the reset button on the belly fat I accumulated after birthing three humans.

They wave this ultrasound machine over my belly and it kills off fat cells in that area. I look at it as just another life thing that happens over time: stuff accumulates and you have to go through and get rid of it once in awhile.

Weight-loss progress!

We've completed two out of three office visits so far, and I lost a whole inch in my stomach already! I went from a hip measurement of 40 1/16″ to 39 1/16″. That “love handle” area is where my weight's always hung around, so it's amazing progress for me to see. Oddly enough, I gained a couple pounds – yes, it's fat weight and not muscle weight – but I think that tells a really good story about the procedure and how well it's working as far as targeting a specific stubborn area. I'm reminded that I actually have ribs under here and a certain contour to my body, and I'm excited to continue the progress with little changes every single day.

Check back in a month or so to see the final results!

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